Compared Translations of the meaning of the Quran - 94:8
al-Inshirah - Solace, Consolation, Relief, The Expansion
Verse: 94 : 8

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al-Inshirah (Solace, Consolation, Relief, The Expansion) 94:8

94:8 والى ربك فارغب

TransliterationWa-ila rabbika fairghab
LiteralAnd to your Lord, so wish/desire.

Yusuf AliAnd to thy Lord turn (all) thy attention.
PickthalAnd strive to please thy Lord.
Arberry and let thy Lord be thy Quest.
ShakirAnd make your Lord your exclusive object.
Sarwarand be devoted to your Lord's service.
KhalifaSeeking only your Lord.
Hilali/KhanAnd to your Lord (Alone) turn (all your intentions and hopes and) your invocations.
H/K/SaheehAnd to your Lord direct [your] longing.
Malikand turn all your attention towards your Lord.[8]
QXPAnd turn all your attention to your Lord. (Remain focused on the Mission entrusted upon you by your Lord).
Maulana AliAnd make thy Lord thy exclusive object.
Free MindsAnd to your Lord you shall seek.
Qaribullah and let your longing be for your Lord (in humility).

George Saleand make thy supplication unto thy Lord.
JM RodwellAnd seek thy Lord with fervour.

Asadand unto thy Sustainer turn with love.

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