Compared Translations of the meaning of the Quran - 51:52
adh-Dhariyat - The Winnowing Winds, The Scatterers
Verse: 51 : 52

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adh-Dhariyat (The Winnowing Winds, The Scatterers) 51:52

51:52 كذلك مااتى الذين من قبلهم من رسول الا قالوا ساحر اومجنون

TransliterationKathalika ma ata allatheena min qablihim min rasoolin illa qaloo sahirun aw majnoonun
LiteralAs/like that none from a messenger came to those from before them except (that) they said: "A magician/sorcerer, or mad/insane."

Yusuf AliSimilarly, no messenger came to the Peoples before them, but they said (of him) in like manner, "A sorcerer, or one possessed"!
PickthalEven so there came no messenger unto those before them but they said: A wizard or a madman!
Arberry Even so not a Messenger came to those before them but they said, 'A sorcerer, or a man possessed!'
ShakirThus there did not come to those before them a messenger but they said: A magician or a mad man.
SarwarIn the same way no Messenger came to those who lived before them without his people calling him a magician or an insane person.
KhalifaConsistently, when a messenger went to the previous generations, they said, "Magician," or, "Crazy."
Hilali/KhanLikewise, no Messenger came to those before them, but they said: "A sorcerer or a madman!"
H/K/SaheehSimilarly, there came not to those before them any messenger except that they said, "A magician or a madman."
MalikIt has been the case that whenever a Messenger came to the peoples before them, they said about him: "He is a sorcerer or a madman."[52]
QXPBut, thus it is. No Messenger came to those before their time, but they said, "A wizard or a madman!"
Maulana AliThus there came not a messenger to those before them but they said: An enchanter or a madman!
Free MindsLikewise, when a messenger went to those before them, they said: "A magician, or crazy."
Qaribullah Similarly, no Messenger came to those before them but they said: 'Sorcerer, or mad! '

George SaleIn like manner there came no Apostle unto their predecessors, but they said, this man is a magician, or a madman.
JM RodwellEven thus came there no apostle to those who flourished before them, but they exclaimed, "Sorcerer, or Possessed."

Asad[But] thus it is: never yet came any apostle to those who lived before their time but they said, "A spel1binder [Lit., "sorcerer".] [is he], or a madman!"

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