Compared Translations of the meaning of the Quran - 51:11
adh-Dhariyat - The Winnowing Winds, The Scatterers
Verse: 51 : 11

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adh-Dhariyat (The Winnowing Winds, The Scatterers) 51:11

51:11 الذين هم في غمرة ساهون

TransliterationAllatheena hum fee ghamratin sahoona
LiteralThose who, they are in an intoxication/hatred (are) careless/negligent .

Yusuf AliThose who (flounder) heedless in a flood of confusion:
PickthalWho are careless in an abyss!
Arberry who are dazed in perplexity
ShakirWho are in a gulf (of ignorance) neglectful;
Sarwarand who wander in the abyss of confusion.
KhalifaIn their blundering, they are totally heedless.
Hilali/KhanWho are under a cover of heedlessness (think not about the gravity of the Hereafter),
H/K/SaheehWho are within a flood [of confusion] and heedless.
Malikthose who are engulfed in ignorance and heedlessness.[11]
QXPThey know not that they know not.
Maulana AliWho are in an abyss, neglectful;
Free MindsWho are in mischief, unaware.
Qaribullah who are heedless in the immersion.

George Salewho wade in deep waters of ignorance, neglecting their salvation.
JM RodwellWho are bewildered in the depths of ignorance!

Asadthey who blunder along, in ignorance lost -

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