Compared Translations of the meaning of the Quran - 34:48
Saba' - Saba, Sheba
Verse: 34 : 48

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Saba' (Saba, Sheba) 34:48

34:48 قل ان ربي يقذف بالحق علام الغيوب

TransliterationQul inna rabbee yaqthifu bialhaqqi AAallamu alghuyoobi
LiteralSay: "That truly my Lord throws/hurls with the truth, knower (of) the unseens/supernaturals ."

Yusuf AliSay: "Verily my Lord doth cast the (mantle of) Truth (over His servants),- He that has full knowledge of (all) that is hidden."
PickthalSay: Lo! my Lord hurleth the truth. (He is) the Knower of Things Hidden.
Arberry Say: 'My Lord hurls the truth -- the Knower of the Unseen.'
ShakirSay: Surely my Lord utters the truth, the great Knower of the unseen.
SarwarSay, "My Lord speaks the Truth. He has the knowledge of the unseen".
KhalifaSay, "My Lord causes the truth to prevail. He is the Knower of all secrets."
Hilali/KhanSay (O Muhammad SAW): "Verily! My Lord sends down Inspiration and makes apparent the truth (i.e. this Revelation that had come to me), the AllKnower of the Ghaib (unseen).
H/K/SaheehSay, "Indeed, my Lord projects the truth. Knower of the unseen."
MalikSay: "In fact my Lord reveals to me the truth, and He is the Knower of all hidden realities."[48]
QXPSay, "Verily, my Lord makes the Truth prevail - He Who is the Profound Knower of the Unseen." (Of all True and False that may not be evident to you).
Maulana AliSay: Surely my Lord casts the Truth, the great Knower of the unseen.
Free MindsSay: "My Lord rebuts with the truth. He is the Knower of all secrets."
Qaribullah Say: 'My Lord hurls the truth the Knower of the Unseen. '

George SaleSay, verily my Lord sendeth down the truth to his prophets: He is the knower of secrets.
JM RodwellSAY: Truly my Lord sendeth forth the Truth:-Knower of things unseen!

AsadSay: "Verily, my Sustainer hurls the truth [against all that is false] [Cf. 21:18.] - He who fully knows all the things that are beyond the reach of a created being's perception!"

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