Compared Translations of the meaning of the Quran - 21:94
al-Anbiya' - The Prophets
Verse: 21 : 94

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al-Anbiya' (The Prophets) 21:94

21:94 فمن يعمل من الصالحات وهو مؤمن فلا كفران لسعيه وانا له كاتبون

TransliterationFaman yaAAmal mina alssalihati wahuwa mu/minun fala kufrana lisaAAyihi wa-inna lahu katiboona
LiteralSo who makes/does from the correct/righteous deeds, and he is believing, so (there is) no cover/substitution (denial) for his striving/endeavor , We are for it/him writing/dictating .

Yusuf AliWhoever works any act of righteousness and has faith,- His endeavour will not be rejected: We shall record it in his favour.
PickthalThen whoso doeth some good works and is a believer, there will be no rejection of his effort. Lo! We record (it) for him.
Arberry And whosoever does deeds of righteousness, being a believer, no unthankfulness shall befall his endeavour; We Ourselves write it down for him.
ShakirTherefore whoever shall do of good deeds and he is a believer, there shall be no denying of his exertion, and surely We will write (It) down for him.
SarwarThe reward of the righteously striving believers will not be neglected. We are keeping the record of their good deeds.
KhalifaAs for those who work righteousness, while believing, their work will not go to waste; we are recording it.
Hilali/KhanSo whoever does righteous good deeds while he is a believer (in the Oneness of Allah Islamic Monotheism), his efforts will not be rejected. Verily! We record it in his Book of deeds.
H/K/SaheehSo whoever does righteous deeds while he is a believer — no denial will there be for his effort, and indeed We, of it, are recorders.
MalikWhoever shall do good deeds, provided he is a believer, his endeavor will not be rejected: We are recording it all for him.[94]
QXPAnd yet, whoever works for the good of others believing in Our Value System, his or her efforts will never be disowned. Behold, We are recording it in their favor.
Maulana AliSo whoever does good deeds and is a believer, there is no rejection of his effort, and We surely write (it) down for him.
Free MindsSo whosoever does good work and he is a believer, then his efforts will not be rejected and We will record it for him.
Qaribullah The endeavors of he who believes and does good works shall not go unthanked. We write it down for him.

George SaleWhosoever shall do good works, being a true believer, there shall be no denial of the reward due to his endeavours; and We will surely write it down unto him.
JM RodwellAnd whoso shall do the things that are right, and be a believer, his efforts shall not be disowned: and surely will we write them down for him.

AsadAnd yet, whoever does [the least] of righteous deeds and is a believer withal, his endeavour shall not be disowned: for, behold, We shall record it in his favour. [I.e., even a breach of religious unity may not be unforgivable so long as it does not involve a worship of false deities or false moral values (cf. verses 98 - 99 below): this is the meaning of the stress, in this context, on man's being "a believer withal" - an echo of the principle clearly spelt out in 2:62 and several other Quranic passages.]

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