Compared Translations of the meaning of the Quran - 15:58
al-Hijr - The Rock, Stoneland, Rock City
Verse: 15 : 58

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al-Hijr (The Rock, Stoneland, Rock City) 15:58

15:58 قالوا انا ارسلنا الى قوم مجرمين

TransliterationQaloo inna orsilna ila qawmin mujrimeena
LiteralThey said: "We are sent to a nation (of) criminals/sinners ."

Yusuf AliThey said: "We have been sent to a people (deep) in sin,
PickthalThey said: We have been sent unto a guilty folk,
Arberry They said, 'We have been sent unto a people of sinners,
ShakirThey said: Surely we are sent towards a guilty people,
SarwarThey said, "We are sent to a sinful people.
KhalifaThey said, "We are being dispatched to guilty people.
Hilali/KhanThey (the angels) said: "We have been sent to a people who are Mujrimoon (criminals, disbelievers, polytheists, sinners).
H/K/SaheehThey said, "Indeed, we have been sent to a people of criminals,
MalikThey replied: "We have been sent to punish a criminal nation,[58]
QXPThey replied, "We are sent to a guilty people (for retribution)."
Maulana AliThey said: We have been sent to a guilty people,
Free MindsThey said: "We have been sent to a people who are criminals."
Qaribullah They replied: 'We are sent to sinful nation.

George SaleThey answered, verily we are sent to destroy a wicked people:
JM RodwellThey said, "We are sent unto a people who are sinners,

AsadThey answered: "We are sent to people lost in sin" [who are to be destroyed],

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