Compared Translations of the meaning of the Quran - 15:57
al-Hijr - The Rock, Stoneland, Rock City
Verse: 15 : 57

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al-Hijr (The Rock, Stoneland, Rock City) 15:57

15:57 قال فما خطبكم ايها المرسلون

TransliterationQala fama khatbukum ayyuha almursaloona
LiteralHe said: "So what (is) your matter/affair/concern, you, the messengers?"

Yusuf AliAbraham said: "What then is the business on which ye (have come), O ye messengers (of Allah)?"
PickthalHe said: And afterward what is your business, O ye messengers (of Allah)?
Arberry He said, 'And what is your business, envoys?'
ShakirHe said: What is your business then, O messengers?
SarwarMessengers, what is your task?".
KhalifaHe said, "What is your mission, O messengers?"
Hilali/Khan(Ibrahim (Abraham) again) said: "What then is the business on which you have come, O Messengers?"
H/K/Saheeh[Abraham] said, "Then what is your business [here], O messengers?"
MalikThen he asked: "On what expedition you have been sent, O emissaries of Allah?"[57]
QXPHe added, "And afterward what is your mission O Messengers?"
Maulana AliHe said: What is your business, then, O messengers?
Free MindsHe said: "What then is your business here, O messengers?"
Qaribullah He asked: 'Messengers, what is your errand? '

George SaleAnd he said, what is your errand therefore, O messengers of God?
JM RodwellHe said, "What is your business then, O ye Sent Ones?"

AsadHe added: "And what [else] may you have in view, O you [heavenly] messengers?"

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