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  1. Is The Bible The Word of God
  2. Is Jesus God
  3. Crucifixion Fact or Fiction Debate Sheikh Ahmed-Deedat V.S. Robert Douglas
  4. Ahmed Deedat Vs Robert Douglas
  5. Is the Bible Gods Word
  6. Was Jesus Christ Really Crucified Debate Ahmed Deedat VS Floyd Clark
  7. Islam and Christianity Greatest Debate Ahmed Deedat VS Gary Miller
  8. Ahmed Deedat vs Josh McDowell Debate Was Jesus Christ Crucified

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  1. Christianity Judaism or Islam
  2. Crucifixion Or Cruci Fiction
  3. Jesus And Muhammed A Comparitive
  4. Why muslims take off shoes before praying
  5. Muhammad a Lecture in New York
  6. What the Bible says about Muhammad
  7. The Second Coming of Jesus Christ
  8. The Five Pillars of Islam - Abdal Hakim Murad (Session 1)
  9. How the Bible Led Me to Islam - Musa Cerantonio
  10. How the Bible Led Me to Islam: The Story of a Former Christian Youth Minister - Joshua Evans
  11. A Christian Minister's Conversion to Islam Dr.Jerald Dirks
  12. The Lord God (Allaah) 99 Names.

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  2. 10 Scientific Miracles In The Quran
  3. Quran a Miracle of Miracles
  4. The Quran and Geology

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the story of islam


Harun Yahya 325 Islamic Movies

See TestimonyupUP

  1. Islam Saved me from a Life of Crime
  2. Why US prison inmates convert to Islam
  3. Priest Jesus Lead Me to Islam
  4. How the Bible Led Me to Islam (play list)
  5. Michael Jackson converted to Islam
  6. Muhammad Ali Conversion to Islam
  7. Rapper converts to Islam
  8. Stars Converted To Islam

See How toupUP

  1. How to convert (accept) to Islam and become Muslim
  2. How to perform (wudu) ablution
  3. The Lord Allaah (God) 99 Names
  4. How to pray in english language
  5. How to find out the Prayer time
  6. Why muslims take off shoes before praying
  7. The five pillers of Islam
  8. Moslems Funeral


  1. Songs that will open your hart to Islam
  2. Audio English Quran Translated by Pickthal and Explained by Amina Elahi


  1. What Did jesus Really Say ?
  2. How to become Muslim
  3. How To Pray (Salat) in English language