Compared Translations of the meaning of the Quran - 51:16
adh-Dhariyat - The Winnowing Winds, The Scatterers
Verse: 51 : 16

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adh-Dhariyat (The Winnowing Winds, The Scatterers) 51:16

51:16 اخذين مااتاهم ربهم انهم كانوا قبل ذلك محسنين

TransliterationAkhitheena ma atahum rabbuhum innahum kanoo qabla thalika muhsineena
LiteralTaking what their Lord gave them, that they were before that good doers.

Yusuf AliTaking joy in the things which their Lord gives them, because, before then, they lived a good life.
PickthalTaking that which their Lord giveth them; for lo! aforetime they were doers of good;
Arberry taking whatsoever their Lord has given them; they were good-doers before that.
ShakirTaking what their Lord gives them; surely they were before that, the doers of good.
Sarwarreceiving their reward from their Lord. They had been righteous people before the Day of Judgment.
KhalifaThey receive their Lord's rewards, for they used to be pious.
Hilali/KhanTaking joy in the things which their Lord has given them. Verily, they were before this Muhsinoon (good-doers - see V.2:112).
H/K/SaheehAccepting what their Lord has given them. Indeed, they were before that doers of good.
Malikjoyfully receiving what their Lord shall give them; for they were before that (during their life on earth) righteous people,[16]
QXPEnjoying all that their Lord grants them, for, behold, aforetime they used to benefit others.
Maulana AliTaking that which their Lord gives them. Surely they were before that the doers of good.
Free MindsReceiving what their Lord has bestowed to them, for they were before that pious.
Qaribullah receiving what their Lord will give them because before this they were gooddoers.

George Salereceiving that which their Lord shall give them; because they were righteous doers before this day.
JM RodwellEnjoying what their Lord hath given them, because, aforetime they were well- doers:

Asadenjoying all that their Sustainer will have granted them [because], verily, they were doers of good in the past: [Lit., "before that (Day)".]

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