Compared Translations of the meaning of the Quran - 51:14
adh-Dhariyat - The Winnowing Winds, The Scatterers
Verse: 51 : 14

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adh-Dhariyat (The Winnowing Winds, The Scatterers) 51:14

51:14 ذوقوا فتنتكم هذا الذي كنتم به تستعجلون

TransliterationThooqoo fitnatakum hatha allathee kuntum bihi tastaAAjiloona
LiteralTaste/experience your misguidance/seduction this, which you were with it hurrying/hastening .

Yusuf Ali"Taste ye your trial! This is what ye used to ask to be hastened!"
Pickthal(And it will be said unto them): Taste your torment (which ye inflicted). This is what ye sought to hasten.
Arberry 'Taste your trial! This is that you were seeking to hasten.'
ShakirTaste your persecution! this is what you would hasten on.
Sarwarand will be told, "Suffer the torment which you wanted to experience immediately".
KhalifaTaste the retribution; this is what you used to challenge.
Hilali/Khan"Taste you your trial (burning)! This is what you used to ask to be hastened!"
H/K/Saheeh[And will be told], "Taste your torment. This is that for which you were impatient."
Malikand it will be said: "Taste your chastisement! This is what you were seeking to hasten."[14]
QXPTaste the trial that you brought upon yourselves. This is what you asked to hasten.
Maulana AliTaste your persecution! This is what you would hasten on.
Free Minds"Taste this ordeal of yours; this is what you asked to be hastened."
Qaribullah 'Taste your trial. This is what you have sought to hasten! '

George Saleand it shall be said unto them, taste your punishment; this is what ye demanded to be hastened.
JM RodwellTaste ye of this your torment, whose speedy coming ye challenged.

Asad[and will be told:] "Taste this your trial! It is this that you were so hastily asking f or!" [A reference to their one-time sarcastic demand that they should be punished for their rejection of the Quranic message: cf. 6:57-58 and 8:32.]

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