Compared Translations of the meaning of the Quran - 34:52
Saba' - Saba, Sheba
Verse: 34 : 52

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Saba' (Saba, Sheba) 34:52

34:52 وقالوا امنا به وانى لهم التناوش من مكان بعيد

TransliterationWaqaloo amanna bihi waanna lahumu alttanawushu min makanin baAAeedin
LiteralAnd they said: "We believed with (in) it." And from where/how to them (is) the skirmish/clash ? From a far/distant place/position.

Yusuf AliAnd they will say, "We do believe (now) in the (Truth)"; but how could they receive (Faith) from a position (so far off,-
PickthalAnd say: We (now) believe therein. But how can they reach (faith) from afar off,
Arberry and they say, 'We believe in it'; but how can they reach from a place far away,
ShakirAnd they shall say: We believe in it. And how shall the attaining (of faith) be possible to them from a distant place?
Sarwarand then they will say, "We have faith in the Quran." How can they have any faith when they are far away from this world.
KhalifaThey will then say, "We now believe in it," but it will be far too late.
Hilali/KhanAnd they will say (in the Hereafter): "We do believe (now);" but how could they receive (Faith and the acceptance of their repentance by Allah) from a place so far off (i.e. to return to the worldly life again).
H/K/SaheehAnd they will [then] say, "We believe in it!" But how for them will be the taking [of faith] from a place far away?
MalikThen they will say: "We believe in it (the Truth brought by the Prophet": but how could they attain the Faith from such a far distant place.[52]
QXPAnd will cry, "We now attain faith."
Maulana AliAnd they will say: We believe in it. And how can they attain (to faith) from a distant place.
Free MindsAnd they will Say: "We believe in it," but it will be far too late.
Qaribullah and say: 'We believe in it. ' But how can they reach from a place that is distant,

George Saleand shall say, we believe in him! But how shall they receive the faith from a distant place:
JM RodwellAnd shall say, "We believe in Him!" But how, in their present distance, shall they receive the faith,

Asadand will cry, "We do [now] believe in it!" But how can they [hope to] attain [to salvation] from so far away, [Lit., "from a place far-away" - i.e., from their utterly different past life on earth.]

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