Compared Translations of the meaning of the Quran - 34:17
Saba' - Saba, Sheba
Verse: 34 : 17

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Saba' (Saba, Sheba) 34:17

34:17 ذلك جزيناهم بما كفروا وهل نجازي الا الكفور

TransliterationThalika jazaynahum bima kafaroo wahal nujazee illa alkafoora
LiteralThat We reimbursed them because (of) what they disbelieved, and do We reimburse except the (insisting) disbeliever?

Yusuf AliThat was the Requital We gave them because they ungratefully rejected Faith: and never do We give (such) requital except to such as are ungrateful rejecters.
PickthalThis We awarded them because of their ingratitude. Punish We ever any save the ingrates?
Arberry Thus We recompensed them for their unbelief; and do 'We ever recompense any hut the unbeliever?
ShakirThis We requited them with because they disbelieved; and We do not punish any but the ungrateful.
SarwarThis was how We recompensed them for their ungratefulness and thus do We recompense the ungrateful ones.
KhalifaWe thus requited them for their disbelief. Do we not requite only the disbelievers?
Hilali/KhanLike this We requited them because they were ungrateful disbelievers. And never do We requit in such a way except those who are ungrateful, (disbelievers).
H/K/Saheeh[By] that We repaid them because they disbelieved. And do We [thus] repay except the ungrateful?
MalikThus did We requite them for their disbelief; and never do We punish any but the ungrateful![17]
QXPThis was Our Requital for their ingratitude. Do We ever punish anyone but the ungrateful? (Ingratitude = Refusing to share Allah's bounties in equity. It appears that in the Kingdom of Sheba people were divided into two classes, the very rich and the very poor).
Maulana AliWith this We requited them because they were ungrateful; and We punish none but the ingrate.
Free MindsWe thus requited them for what they rejected. And We do not requite except the rejecter.
Qaribullah As such We recompensed them for their disbelief; do We recompense any except the unbelievers?

George SaleThis We gave them in reward, because they were ungrateful: Is any thus rewarded except the ungrateful?
JM RodwellSuch was our retribution on them for their ingratitude: but do we thus recompense any except the ungrateful?

Asadthus We requited them for their having denied the truth. But do We ever requite [thus] any but the utterly ingrate? [Neither the Quran nor any authentic hadith tells us anything definite about the way in which the people of Sheba had sinned at the time immediately preceding the final collapse of the Dam of Marib (i.e.. in the sixth century of the Christian era). This omission, however, seems to be deliberate. In view of the fact that the story of Sheba's prosperity and subsequent catastrophic downfall had become a byword in ancient Arabia, it is most probable that its mention in the Quran has a purely moral purport similar to that of the immediately preceding legend of Solomon's death, inasmuch as both these legends, in their Quranic presentation, are allegories of the ephemeral nature of all human might and achievement. As mentioned above, the story of Sheba's downfall is closely linked with the phenomenon of men's recurrent ingratitude towards God. (See also verse 20 below.)]

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