Compared Translations of the meaning of the Quran - 21:49
al-Anbiya' - The Prophets
Verse: 21 : 49

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al-Anbiya' (The Prophets) 21:49

21:49 الذين يخشون ربهم بالغيب وهم من الساعة مشفقون

TransliterationAllatheena yakhshawna rabbahum bialghaybi wahum mina alssaAAati mushfiqoona
LiteralThose who fear their Lord with the unseen and they are from the Hour/Resurrection they are afraid/guarding .

Yusuf AliThose who fear their Lord in their most secret thoughts, and who hold the Hour (of Judgment) in awe.
PickthalThose who fear their Lord in secret and who dread the Hour (of doom).
Arberry such as fear God in the Unseen, trembling because of the Hour.
Shakir(For) those who fear their Lord in secret and they are fearful of the hour.
Sarwarwho fear their unseen Lord and are anxious about the Day of Judgment.
KhalifaThe ones who reverence their Lord, even when alone in their privacy, and they worry about the Hour.
Hilali/KhanThose who fear their Lord without seeing Him, while they are afraid of the Hour.
H/K/SaheehWho fear their Lord unseen, while they are of the Hour apprehensive.
Malikwho fear their Lord though they have not seen Him, and dread the Day of Judgment.[49]
QXP(For those) who stood in awe of their Lord even in privacy, and feared the approaching Hour of accountability.
Maulana AliWho fear their Lord in secret and they are fearful of the Hour.
Free MindsThose who reverence their Lord, even when unseen, and they are weary for the Hour.
Qaribullah those who fear Allah in the Unseen, tremble because of the Hour.

George Salewho fear their Lord in secret, and who dread the hour of judgement.
JM RodwellWho dread their Lord in secret, and who tremble for "the Hour."

Asadwho stand in awe of their Sustainer although He is beyond the reach of human perception, [For an explanation of the above rendering of the expression bi l-ghayb, see note on 2:3.] and who tremble at the thought of the Last Hour.

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