Compared Translations of the meaning of the Quran - 15:53
al-Hijr - The Rock, Stoneland, Rock City
Verse: 15 : 53

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al-Hijr (The Rock, Stoneland, Rock City) 15:53

15:53 قالوا لاتوجل انا نبشرك بغلام عليم

TransliterationQaloo la tawjal inna nubashshiruka bighulamin AAaleemin
LiteralThey said: "Do not be afraid/apprehensive, that we, we announce good news to you with (of) a knowledgeable boy (new son)."

Yusuf AliThey said: "Fear not! We give thee glad tidings of a son endowed with wisdom."
PickthalThey said: Be not afraid! Lo! we bring thee good tidings of a boy possessing wisdom.
Arberry They said, 'Be not afraid; behold, we give thee good tidings of a cunning boy.'
ShakirThey said: Be not afraid, surely we give you the good news of a boy, possessing knowledge.
SarwarThey replied, "Do not be afraid. We have brought you the glad news of (the birth) of a learned son".
KhalifaThey said, "Do not be apprehensive. We have good news for you: an enlightened son."
Hilali/KhanThey (the angels) said: "Do not be afraid! We give you glad tidings of a boy (son) possessing much knowledge and wisdom."
H/K/Saheeh[The angels] said, "Fear not. Indeed, we give you good tidings of a learned boy."
MalikThey answered: "Do not be afraid of us! We have come to you with good news of a son endowed with knowledge."[53]
QXPSaid they, "Fear not! Behold, we bring you the glad tiding of an enlightened son."
Maulana AliThey said: Be not afraid, we give thee good news of a boy, possessing knowledge.
Free MindsThey said: "Do not worry, we bring you good news of a knowledgeable son."
Qaribullah 'Do not be afraid, ' they answered. 'We come to give you glad tidings of a knowledgeable child. '

George SaleAnd they replied, fear not; we bring thee the promise of a wise son.
JM RodwellThey said, "Fear not, for of a sage son we bring thee tidings."

AsadSaid they: "Fear not! Behold, we bring thee the glad tiding of [the birth of] a son who will be endowed with deep knowledge."

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