Compared Translations of the meaning of the Quran - 15:43
al-Hijr - The Rock, Stoneland, Rock City
Verse: 15 : 43

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al-Hijr (The Rock, Stoneland, Rock City) 15:43

15:43 وان جهنم لموعدهم اجمعين

TransliterationWa-inna jahannama lamawAAiduhum ajmaAAeena
LiteralAnd that Hell (is) their appointment (E) all/all together.

Yusuf AliAnd verily, Hell is the promised abode for them all!
PickthalAnd lo! for all such, hell will be the promised place.
Arberry being perverse; Gehenna shall be their promised land all together.
ShakirAnd surely Hell is the promised place of them all:
SarwarHell is the promised place for them all.
Khalifa"And Hell awaits them all.
Hilali/Khan"And surely, Hell is the promised place for them all.
H/K/SaheehAnd indeed, Hell is the promised place for them all.
MalikThey will be all destined for Hell,[43]
QXP"And for all such, behold, Hell is the promised abode."
Maulana AliAnd surely hell is the promised place for them all --
Free Minds"And Hell, for all of those, shall be the appointed place."
Qaribullah Gehenna (Hell) will be the promise for all of them.

George SaleAnd hell is surely denounced unto them all:
JM RodwellAnd verily, Hell is the promise for them one and all.

Asadand for all such, behold, hell is the promised goal.

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