Compared Translations of the Quran - 10:51
Yunus - Jonah
Verse: 10 : 51

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Yunus (Jonah) 10:51

10:51 اثم اذا ماوقع امنتم به ءالان وقد كنتم به تستعجلون

TransliterationAthumma itha ma waqaAAa amantum bihi al-ana waqad kuntum bihi tastaAAjiloona
LiteralIs it then when (it) happened! (expression of wonderment) you believed with it/Him now, and you had been with it/Him hurrying/hastening .

Yusuf Ali"Would ye then believe in it at last, when it actually cometh to pass? (It will then be said): 'Ah! now? and ye wanted (aforetime) to hasten it on!'
PickthalIs it (only) then, when it hath befallen you, that ye will believe? What! (Believe) now, when (until now) ye have been hastening it on (through disbelief)?
Arberry What, when it has come to pass, will you then believe in it? Now, when already you seek to hasten it!'
ShakirAnd when it comes to pass, will you believe in it? What! now (you believe), and already you wished to have it hastened on.
SarwarBesides, if He was to send them the punishment which they want to quickly experience, would they then have faith?
Khalifa"If it does happen, will you believe then? Why should you believe then? You used to challenge it to come?"
Hilali/KhanIs it then, that when it has actually befallen, that you will believe in it? What! Now (you believe)? And you used (aforetime) to hasten it on!"
H/K/SaheehThen is it that when it has [actually] occurred you will believe in it? Now? And you were [once] for it impatient.
MalikWould you believe it when it actually overtakes you? Then you would beg it to be removed although it had been your own wish to hurry it on."[51]
QXP"Would you then profess belief in it at last, when it comes to pass! Ah! Now? And you wanted to hasten it on." (But the period of Respite has been over).
Maulana AliAnd when it comes to pass, will you believe in it? What! now! and you hastened it on.
Free Minds"Would you then, when it occurs, believe in it? While now you are hastening it on!"
Qaribullah And when it overtakes you, is it then that you will believe in it, now, when you already try to hasten it!

George SaleWhen it falleth on you, do ye then believe it? Now do ye believe, and wish it far from you, when as ye formerly desired it should be hastened?
JM RodwellWhen it falleth on you, will ye believe it then? Yes! ye will believe it then. Yet did ye challenge its speedy coming.

AsadWill you, then, believe in it [only] after it has come to pass -[on the Day when you will be asked, `Do you believe in it] now ,7s after having [contemptuously] called for its speedy advent?'

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