Compared Translations of the meaning of the Quran - 90:13
al-Balad - The City, This Countryside
Verse: 90 : 13

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al-Balad (The City, This Countryside) 90:13

90:13 فك رقبة

TransliterationFakku raqabatin
LiteralReleasing/freeing a neck/person/slave.

Yusuf Ali(It is:) freeing the bondman;
Pickthal(It is) to free a slave,
Arberry The freeing of a slave,
Shakir(It is) the setting free of a slave,
SarwarIt is the setting free of a slave
KhalifaThe freeing of slaves.
Hilali/Khan(It is) Freeing a neck (slave, etc.)
H/K/SaheehIt is the freeing of a slave
MalikIt is the freeing of a neck (slave) from bondage;[13]
QXP- Freeing others from bondage, physical or mental, and from any social, economic or political oppression. (Freeing the neck includes all the above meanings plus striving to establish the Divine System wherein the only Master is Allah's Law).
Maulana Ali(It is) to free a slave,
Free MindsThe freeing of slaves.
Qaribullah (It is) the freeing of a slave,

George SaleIt is to free the captive;
JM RodwellIt is to ransom the captive,

Asad[It is] the freeing of one's neck [from the burden of sin],

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