Compared Translations of the meaning of the Quran - 5:102
al-Ma'idah - The Table, The Table Spread
Verse: 5 : 102

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al-Ma'idah (The Table, The Table Spread)

5:102 قد سالها قوم من قبلكم ثم اصبحوا بها كافرين

TransliterationQad saalaha qawmun min qablikum thumma asbahoo biha kafireena
LiteralA nation from before you had asked/questioned (about) it, then they became with it disbelieving.

Yusuf AliSome people before you did ask such questions, and on that account lost their faith.
PickthalA folk before you asked (for such disclosures) and then disbelieved therein.
Arberry A people before you questioned concerning them, then disbelieved in them.
ShakirA people before you indeed asked such questions, and then became disbelievers on account of them.
SarwarPeople living before you had asked about such things, but then rejected them.
KhalifaOthers before you have asked the same questions, then became disbelievers therein.
Hilali/KhanBefore you, a community asked such questions, then on that account they became disbelievers.
H/K/SaheehA people asked such [questions] before you; then they became thereby disbelievers.
MalikSome people before you did ask such questions and later lost their faith because of those very things.[102]
QXPSome folk before you asked such questions and then rejected the instructions (2:68).
Maulana AliA people before you indeed asked such questions, then became disbelievers therein.
Free MindsA people before you had asked the same, then they became rejecters in it.
Qaribullah A nation asked about them before you, and with it they became unbelievers.

George SalePeople who have been before you formerly enquired concerning them; and afterwards disbelieved therein.
JM RodwellThey who were before you, asked concerning such things, and afterwards quickly disbelieved therein

AsadPeople before your time have indeed asked such questions-and in result thereof have come to deny the truth.

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