Compared Translations of the meaning of the Quran - 34:10
Saba' - Saba, Sheba
Verse: 34 : 10

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Saba' (Saba, Sheba) 34:10

34:10 ولقد اتينا داود منا فضلا ياجبال اوبي معه والطير والنا له الحديد

TransliterationWalaqad atayna dawooda minna fadlan ya jibalu awwibee maAAahu waalttayra waalanna lahu alhadeeda
LiteralAnd We had (E) given/brought David grace/favour , from Us: "You mountains , return with him, and the birds/bird." And We softened/flexed/smoothened for him the iron.

Yusuf AliWe bestowed Grace aforetime on David from ourselves: "O ye Mountains! Sing ye back the Praises of Allah with him! and ye birds (also)! And We made the iron soft for him;-
PickthalAnd assuredly We gave David grace from Us, (saying): O ye hills and birds, echo his psalms of praise! And We made the iron supple unto him,
Arberry And We gave David bounty from Us: 'O you mountains, echo God's praises with him, and you birds!' And We softened for him iron:
ShakirAnd certainly We gave to Dawood excellence from Us: O mountains! sing praises with him, and the birds; and We made the iron pliant to him,
SarwarWe granted David a favor by commanding the mountains and birds to sing Our praise along with him and softened iron for him
KhalifaWe endowed David with blessings from us: "O mountains, submit with him, and you too, O birds." We softened the iron for him.
Hilali/KhanAnd indeed We bestowed grace on David from Us (saying): "O you mountains. Glorify (Allah) with him! And you birds (also)! And We made the iron soft for him."
H/K/SaheehAnd We certainly gave David from Us bounty. [We said], "O mountains, repeat [Our] praises with him, and the birds [as well]." And We made pliable for him iron,
MalikWe bestowed Our blessings on David and commanded: "O mountains! Join him in singing My rhymes," and a similar command was given to the birds. We made iron soft for him[10]
QXPWe bestowed upon David bounties from Us, and commanded thus, "O Tribes of the Mountains! Join him in establishing My Glory on earth." And so were commanded the fierce riders of the Taer Tribe. And We made the iron soft for him. (David mastered iron technology (21:79), (27:15-16)).
Maulana AliAnd certainly We gave David abundance from Us: O mountains, repeat praises with him, and the birds, and We made the iron pliant to him,
Free MindsAnd We granted David blessings from Us: "O mountains, glorify with him, as well as the birds." And We softened the iron for him.
Qaribullah We gave David bounty from Us. 'O mountains, and birds, echo (the praise of Allah) with him. ' And We softened iron for him,

George SaleWe heretofore bestowed on David excellence from Us: And We said, O mountains, sing alternate praises with him; and We obliged the birds also to join therein. And We softened the iron for him,
JM RodwellOf old bestowed we on David a gift, our special boon:-"Ye mountains and ye birds answer his songs of praise." And we made the iron soft for him:-

AsadAND [thus], indeed, did We grace David with Our favour: [Lit., "did We bestow upon David a favour from Ourselves". This connects with the elliptic reference to repentance in the preceding Verse: 34 : David is singled out for special mention in view of the allusion, in surah 38, to his having suddenly become aware that he had committed a sin, whereupon "he asked his Sustainer to forgive him his sin... and turned unto Him in repentance"

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