Compared Translations of the meaning of the Quran - 21:21
al-Anbiya' - The Prophets
Verse: 21 : 21

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al-Anbiya' (The Prophets) 21:21

21:21 ام اتخذوا الهة من الارض هم ينشرون

TransliterationAmi ittakhathoo alihatan mina al-ardi hum yunshiroona
LiteralOr they took/received gods from the earth/Planet Earth, they are reviving/resurrecting.

Yusuf AliOr have they taken (for worship) gods from the earth who can raise (the dead)?
PickthalOr have they chosen gods from the earth who raise the dead?
Arberry Or have they taken gods out of the earth who raise the dead?
ShakirOr have they taken gods from the earth who raise (the dead).
SarwarHave they chosen deities from earth? Can such deities give life to anyone?.
KhalifaHave they found gods on earth who can create?
Hilali/KhanOr have they taken (for worship) aliha (gods) from the earth who raise the dead?
H/K/SaheehOr have men taken for themselves gods from the earth who resurrect [the dead]?
MalikHave the earthly deities, that they have taken for worship, the power to raise the dead?[21]
QXPAnd yet, some people choose 'gods' from the earth thinking that systems devised by them can make the humanity rise.
Maulana AliOr have they taken gods from the earth who give life?
Free MindsOr have they taken gods from the Earth who can resurrect?
Qaribullah Or, have they taken earthly gods who revive the dead?

George SaleHave they taken gods from the earth? Shall they raise the dead to life?
JM RodwellHave they taken gods from the earth who can quicken the dead?

AsadAnd yet [As stressed by Zamakhshari, the particle am which introduces this sentence has not, as is so often the case, an interrogative sense ("is it that..."), but is used here in the sense of bal, which in this instance may be rendered as "and yet".] some people choose to worship certain earthly things or beings as deities [Lit., "they have taken unto themselves deities from the earth", i.e., from among the things or beings found on earth: an expression which alludes to all manner of false objects of worship - idols of every description, forces of nature, deified human beings, and, finally, abstract concepts such as wealth, power. etc.] that [are supposed to] resurrect [the dead; and they fail to realize that],

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