Compared Translations of the meaning of the Quran - 21:18
al-Anbiya' - The Prophets
Verse: 21 : 18

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al-Anbiya' (The Prophets) 21:18

21:18 بل نقذف بالحق على الباطل فيدمغه فاذا هو زاهق ولكم الويل مما تصفون

TransliterationBal naqthifu bialhaqqi AAala albatili fayadmaghuhu fa-itha huwa zahiqun walakumu alwaylu mimma tasifoona
LiteralRather We throw/hurl with the truth on the falsehood, so it nullifies/eliminates it (the falsehood), so then it(the falsehood) is vanishing/being destroyed , and for you (is) the grief/misfortune from what you describe/categorize.

Yusuf AliNay, We hurl the Truth against falsehood, and it knocks out its brain, and behold, falsehood doth perish! Ah! woe be to you for the (false) things ye ascribe (to Us).
PickthalNay, but We hurl the true against the false, and it doth break its head and lo! it vanisheth. And yours will be woe for that which ye ascribe (unto Him).
Arberry Nay, but We hurl the truth against falsehood and it prevails over it, and behold, falsehood vanishes away. Then woe to you for that you describe!
ShakirNay! We cast the truth against the falsehood, so that it breaks its head, and lo! it vanishes; and woe to you for what you describe;
SarwarWe bring forward the Truth to crush and destroy falsehood; it is doomed to be banished. Woe to you for your way of thinking about God!
KhalifaInstead, it is our plan to support the truth against falsehood, in order to defeat it. Woe to you for the utterances you utter.
Hilali/KhanNay, We fling (send down) the truth (this Quran) against the falsehood (disbelief), so it destroys it, and behold, it (falsehood) is vanished. And woe to you for that (lie) which you ascribe (to Us) (against Allah by uttering that Allah has a wife and a son).
H/K/SaheehRather, We dash the truth upon falsehood, and it destroys it, and thereupon it departs. And for you is destruction from that which you describe.
MalikNay! We give falsehood a violent blow with the Truth to knock it out and behold! Falsehood vanishes away. Woe be to you, for all the false gods you have invented.[18]
QXPNay, We hurl the true against the false, and it crushes it and verily falsehood has to vanish. It is only harmful for yourselves to fabricate falsehood. (Some people conjecture that the Universe is a dream, a play or a mere shadow of the World of Ideas. But We have designed it such that the Reality advances and falsehood vanishes).
Maulana AliNay, We hurl the Truth against falsehood, so it knocks out its brains, and lo! it vanishes. And woe to you for what you describe!
Free MindsNo, We cast with the truth upon the falsehood, so it disrupts it, and then it retreats. And woe to you for what you have described.
Qaribullah No, We hurl truth at falsehood, and it shall conquer it, and see, falsehood vanishes. Woe to you for all you have described.

George SaleBut We will oppose truth to vanity, and it shall confound the same; and behold, it shall vanish away. Woe be unto you, for that which ye impiously utter concerning God!
JM RodwellNay, we will hurl the truth at falsehood, and it shall smite it, and lo! it shall vanish. But woe be to you for what ye utter of God!

AsadNay, but [by the very act of creation] We hurl the truth against falsehood, [I.e., the truth of God's transcendence against the false idea of His existential immanence in or co-existence with, the created universe.] and it crushes the latter: and lo! it withers away. [The obvious fact that everything in the created universe is finite and perishable effectively refutes the claim that it could be a "projection" of the Creator, who is infinite and eternal.] But woe unto you for all your [attempts at] defining [God] - [Lit., "for all that you attribute [to God] by way of description" or "of definition" (cf. the last sentence of 6:100 and the corresponding note) - implying that the idea of God's "immanence" in His creation is equivalent to an attempt to define His Being.]

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