Compared Translations of the meaning of the Quran - 2:227
al-Baqarah - The Cow
Verse: 2 : 227

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al-Baqarah (The Cow)

2:227 وان عزموا الطلاق فان الله سميع عليم

TransliterationWa-in AAazamoo alttalaqa fa-inna Allaha sameeAAun AAaleemun
LiteralAnd if they decided/determined the divorce, (so) then God (is) hearing/listening knowledgeable.

Yusuf AliBut if their intention is firm for divorce, Allah heareth and knoweth all things.
PickthalAnd if they decide upon divorce (let them remember that) Allah is Hearer, Knower.
Arberry but if they resolve on divorce, surely God is All-hearing, All-knowing.
ShakirAnd if they have resolved on a divorce, then Allah is surely Hearing, Knowing.
SarwarIf they choose divorce, God is All-hearing and All-knowing.
KhalifaIf they go through with the divorce, then GOD is Hearer, Knower.
Hilali/KhanAnd if they decide upon divorce, then Allah is All-Hearer, All-Knower.
H/K/SaheehAnd if they decide on divorce then indeed, Allah is Hearing and Merciful.
MalikBut if they decide to divorce them, they may do so, surely Allah hears and knows everything.[227]
QXPIf they decide upon divorce let them remember that Allah is Hearer, Knower. (They must bear in mind that since marriage is a Solemn Covenant (4:21), divorce can take place only in accordance with this Book of Law).
Maulana AliAnd if they resolve on a divorce, Allah is surely Hearing, Knowing.
Free MindsAnd if they insist on the divorce, then God is Hearer, Knowledgeable.
Qaribullah But if they resolve on divorce, surely, Allah is the Hearer, the Knower.

George Saleand if they resolve on a divorce, God is he who heareth and knoweth.
JM RodwellAnd if they resolve on a divorce, then verily God is He who Heareth, Knoweth.

AsadBut if they are resolved on divorce -behold, God is all-hearing, all-knowing.

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