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# (88) The Overwhelming (Al-Ghashiya)

Compared Translations of the meaning of the Quran - Sura 88
al-Ghashiyah - The Overwhelming, The Overwhelming Calamity, The Pall
Total Verses: 26

al-Ghashiyah 088:001

88:1 سورة الغاشية بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم ٛــــ هل اتاك حديث الغاشية

TransliterationHal ataka hadeethu alghashiyati
LiteralDid the disaster's/pericardium's/Resurrection's information/news come to you ?

Yusuf AliHas the story reached thee of the overwhelming (Event)?
PickthalHath there come unto thee tidings of the Overwhelming?
Arberry Hast thou received the story of the Enveloper?
ShakirHas not there come to you the news of the overwhelming calamity?
SarwarHave you heard the story of the overwhelming event (the Day of Judgment)?.
KhalifaAre you aware of the Overwhelming?
Hilali/KhanHas there come to you the narration of the overwhelming (i.e. the Day of Resurrection);
H/K/SaheehHas there reached you the report of the Overwhelming [event]?
MalikHas the news of the over shadowing event of resurrection reached you?[1]
QXPHas the news of the Dominating Event reached you?
Maulana AliHas there come to thee the news of the Overwhelming Event?
Free MindsHas the news come to you of that which will overwhelm?
Qaribullah Have you received the news of the Enveloper?

George SaleHath the news of the overwhelming day of judgement reached thee?
JM RodwellHath the tidings of the day that shall OVERSHADOW, reached thee?

AsadHAS THERE COME unto thee the tiding of the Overshadowing Event?'

al-Ghashiyah 088:002

88:2 وجوه يومئذ خاشعة

TransliterationWujoohun yawma-ithin khashiAAatun
LiteralFaces/fronts (on) that day (are) humble/submissive .

Yusuf AliSome faces, that Day, will be humiliated,
PickthalOn that day (many) faces will be downcast,
Arberry Faces on that day humbled,
Shakir(Some) faces on that day shall be downcast,
SarwarOn that day the faces of some people will be humbly cast down,
KhalifaFaces on that day will be shamed.
Hilali/KhanSome faces, that Day, will be humiliated (in the Hell-fire, i.e. the faces of all disbelievers, Jews and Christians, etc.).
H/K/Saheeh[Some] faces, that Day, will be humbled,
MalikOn that Day some faces shall be downcast,[2]
QXPSome faces on that Day will be downcast.
Maulana AliFaces on that day will be downcast,
Free MindsFaces on that Day which will be shamed.
Qaribullah On that Day faces shall be humbled,

George SaleThe countenances of some, on that day, shall be cast down;
JM RodwellDowncast on that day shall be the countenances of some,

AsadSome faces will on that Day be downcast,

al-Ghashiyah 088:003

88:3 عاملة ناصبة

TransliterationAAamilatun nasibatun
LiteralMaking/doing/working, fatigued/exhausted.

Yusuf AliLabouring (hard), weary,-
PickthalToiling, weary,
Arberry labouring, toilworn,
ShakirLaboring, toiling,
Sarwartroubled and tired as a result of their deeds in the past.
KhalifaLaboring and exhausted.
Hilali/KhanLabouring (hard in the worldly life by worshipping others besides Allah), weary (in the Hereafter with humility and disgrace) .
H/K/SaheehWorking [hard] and exhausted.
Malikin hard labor, worn out,[3]
QXPLaboring, exhausted. (They were in motion without action. They toiled without clear direction).
Maulana AliLabouring, toiling,
Free MindsLabouring and weary.
Qaribullah laboring, wornout,

George Salelabouring and toiling:
JM RodwellTravailing and worn,

Asadtoiling [under burdens of sin], worn out [by fear],

al-Ghashiyah 088:004

88:4 تصلى نارا حامية

TransliterationTasla naran hamiyatan
LiteralIt roasts/suffers a hot fire .

Yusuf AliThe while they enter the Blazing Fire,-
PickthalScorched by burning fire,
Arberry roasting at a scorching fire,
ShakirEntering into burning fire,
SarwarThey will suffer the heat of the blazing fire
KhalifaSuffering in a blazing Hellfire.
Hilali/KhanThey will enter in the hot blazing Fire,
H/K/SaheehThey will [enter to] burn in an intensely hot Fire.
Malikscorching in the blazing fire,[4]
QXPAs they enter a sizzling Fire.
Maulana AliEntering burning Fire,
Free MindsThey will enter a blazing Fire.
Qaribullah roasting at a scorching Fire

George SaleThey shall be cast into scorching fire to be broiled:
JM RodwellBurnt at the scorching fire,

Asadabout to enter a glowing fire,

al-Ghashiyah 088:005

88:5 تسقى من عين انية

TransliterationTusqa min AAaynin aniyatin
LiteralBeing given drink/being watered from (a) present/near water well/spring.

Yusuf AliThe while they are given, to drink, of a boiling hot spring,
PickthalDrinking from a boiling spring,
Arberry watered at a boiling fountain,
ShakirMade to drink from a boiling spring.
Sarwarand will be made to drink from a fiercely boiling spring.
KhalifaDrinking from a flaming spring.
Hilali/KhanThey will be given to drink from a boiling spring,
H/K/SaheehThey will be given drink from a boiling spring.
Malikgiven to drink from a boiling fountain.[5]
QXPGiven to drink from a spring of burning anguish.
Maulana AliMade to drink from a boiling spring.
Free MindsAnd be given to drink from a boiling spring.
Qaribullah that is fueled from a tremendously hot fountain,

George SaleThey shall be given to drink of a boiling fountain:
JM RodwellMade to drink from a fountain fiercely boiling.

Asadgiven to drink from a boiling spring.

al-Ghashiyah 088:006

88:6 ليس لهم طعام الا من ضريع

TransliterationLaysa lahum taAAamun illa min dareeAAin
LiteralFood/feeding is not for them except from Dareigh/gland (excretion) .

Yusuf AliNo food will there be for them but a bitter Dhari'
PickthalNo food for them save bitter thorn-fruit
Arberry no food for them but cactus thorn
ShakirThey shall have no food but of thorns,
SarwarThey will have no food other than bitter and thorny fruit
KhalifaThey will have no food except the useless variety.
Hilali/KhanNo food will there be for them but a poisonous thorny plant,
H/K/SaheehFor them there will be no food except from a poisonous, thorny plant
MalikThey shall have no food except bitter thorny fruit,[6]
QXPNo food for them but the bitterness of dry thorns (that they scattered to hurt others during their wayward journey through life).
Maulana AliThey will have no food but of thorns,
Free MindsThey will have no food except from a thorny plant.
Qaribullah no food for them except thorny plants

George SaleThey shall have no food, but of dry thorns and thistles;
JM RodwellNo food shall they have but the fruit of Darih,

AsadNo food for them save the bitterness of dry thorns,

al-Ghashiyah 088:007

88:7 لايسمن ولايغني من جوع

TransliterationLa yusminu wala yughnee min jooAAin
Literal(It) does not fatten (nourish), and nor enriches/suffices from starvation/hunger.

Yusuf AliWhich will neither nourish nor satisfy hunger.
PickthalWhich doth not nourish nor release from hunger.
Arberry unfattening, unappeasing hunger.
ShakirWhich will neither fatten nor avail against hunger.
Sarwarwhich will neither fatten them nor satisfy them.
KhalifaIt never nourishes, nor satisfies hunger.
Hilali/KhanWhich will neither nourish nor avail against hunger.
H/K/SaheehWhich neither nourishes nor avails against hunger.
Malikwhich will neither provide nourishment nor satisfy hunger.[7]
QXPWhich nourishes not, nor relieves hunger.
Maulana AliNeither nourishing nor satisfying hunger.
Free MindsIt does not nourish nor avail against hunger.
Qaribullah which neither sustains, nor satisfy hunger.

George Salewhich shall not fatten, neither shall they satisfy hunger.
JM RodwellWhich shall not fatten, nor appease their hunger.

Asadwhich gives no strength and neither stills hunger.

al-Ghashiyah 088:008

88:8 وجوه يومئذ ناعمة

TransliterationWujoohun yawma-ithin naAAimatun
LiteralFaces/fronts (on) that day (are) comfortable and eased/happy/smooth .

Yusuf Ali(Other) faces that Day will be joyful,
PickthalIn that day other faces will be calm,
Arberry Faces on that day jocund,
Shakir(Other) faces on that day shall be happy,
SarwarHowever, on that day the faces of other people will be happy.
KhalifaOther faces on that day will be full of joy.
Hilali/Khan(Other) faces, that Day, will be joyful,
H/K/Saheeh[Other] faces, that Day, will show pleasure.
MalikWhile some faces on that Day shall be radiant,[8]
QXPOn that Day some faces will shine with Bliss.
Maulana AliFaces on that day will be happy,
Free MindsAnd faces on that Day which are soft.
Qaribullah (Whereas other) faces on that Day will be joyful,

George SaleBut the countenances of others, on that day, shall be joyful;
JM RodwellJoyous too, on that day, the countenances of others,

Asad[And] some faces will on that Day shine with bliss,

al-Ghashiyah 088:009

88:9 لسعيها راضية

TransliterationLisaAAyiha radiyatun
LiteralAccepting/approving for its striving/endeavor .

Yusuf AliPleased with their striving,-
PickthalGlad for their effort past,
Arberry with their striving well-pleased,
ShakirWell-pleased because of their striving,
Sarwarand pleased with the result of their deeds in the past.
KhalifaSatisfied with their work.
Hilali/KhanGlad with their endeavour (for their good deeds which they did in this world, along with the true Faith of Islamic Monotheism).
H/K/SaheehWith their effort [they are] satisfied
Malikwell pleased with their endeavors,[9]
QXPHappy with the fruit of their effort.
Maulana AliGlad for their striving,
Free MindsFor their pursuit they are content.
Qaribullah well pleased with their striving,

George Salewell pleased with their past endeavour:
JM RodwellWell pleased with their labours past,

Asadwell-pleased with [the fruit of] their striving,

al-Ghashiyah 088:010

88:10 في جنة عالية

TransliterationFee jannatin AAaliyatin
LiteralIn an elevated/dignified treed garden/paradise.

Yusuf AliIn a Garden on high,
PickthalIn a high Garden
Arberry in a sublime Garden,
ShakirIn a lofty garden,
SarwarThey will live in an exalted garden
KhalifaIn an exalted Paradise.
Hilali/KhanIn a lofty Paradise.
H/K/SaheehIn an elevated garden,
Malikin a lofty garden.[10]
QXPIn a Garden exalted in honor.
Maulana AliIn a lofty Garden,
Free MindsIn a high paradise.
Qaribullah in a Garden on high,

George SaleThey shall be placed in a lofty garden,
JM RodwellIn a lofty garden:

Asadin a garden sublime,

al-Ghashiyah 088:011

88:11 لاتسمع فيها لاغية

TransliterationLa tasmaAAu feeha laghiyatan
LiteralYou do not hear/listen (to) nonsense/senseless talk in it.

Yusuf AliWhere they shall hear no (word) of vanity:
PickthalWhere they hear no idle speech,
Arberry hearing there no babble;
ShakirWherein you shall not hear vain talk.
Sarwarwherein they will not hear any vain talk.
KhalifaIn it, no nonsense is heard.
Hilali/KhanWhere they shall neither hear harmful speech nor falsehood,
H/K/SaheehWherein they will hear no unsuitable speech.
MalikTherein they shall hear no loose talk.[11]
QXPWherein you hear not senseless speech.
Maulana AliWherein thou wilt hear no vain talk.
Free MindsYou will not hear in it any nonsense.
Qaribullah where they will hear no idle talk.

George Salewherein thou shalt hear no vain discourse:
JM RodwellNo vain discourse shalt thou hear therein:

Asadwherein thou wilt hear no empty talk.

al-Ghashiyah 088:012

88:12 فيها عين جارية

TransliterationFeeha AAaynun jariyatun
LiteralIn it (is a) flowing/running water well/spring .

Yusuf AliTherein will be a bubbling spring:
PickthalWherein is a gushing spring,
Arberry therein a running fountain,
ShakirTherein is a fountain flowing,
SarwarTherein will be a flowing spring,
KhalifaIn it, a spring flows.
Hilali/KhanTherein will be a running spring,
H/K/SaheehWithin it is a flowing spring.
MalikTherein they shall have running springs.[12]
QXPTherein is an ever-flowing Spring of Grace (76:16-17).
Maulana AliTherein is a fountain flowing.
Free MindsIn it is a running spring.
Qaribullah A gushing fountain shall be there

George SaleTherein shall be a running fountain:
JM RodwellTherein shall be a gushing fountain,

AsadCountless springs will flow therein,

al-Ghashiyah 088:013

88:13 فيها سرر مرفوعة

TransliterationFeeha sururun marfooAAatun
LiteralIn it (are) raised royal beds/sofas.

Yusuf AliTherein will be Thrones (of dignity), raised on high,
PickthalWherein are couches raised
Arberry therein uplifted couches
ShakirTherein are thrones raised high,
Sarwarraised couches,
KhalifaIn it, there are luxurious furnishings.
Hilali/KhanTherein will be thrones raised high,
H/K/SaheehWithin it are couches raised high
MalikTherein they shall be reclining on raised soft couches,[13]
QXPTherein are thrones of honor.
Maulana AliTherein are thrones raised high,
Free MindsIn it are raised beds.
Qaribullah and raised couches,

George SaleTherein shall be raised beds,
JM RodwellTherein shall be raised couches,

Asad[and] there will be thrones [of happiness] raised high,

al-Ghashiyah 088:014

88:14 واكواب موضوعة

TransliterationWaakwabun mawdooAAatun
LiteralAnd laid/raised cups .

Yusuf AliGoblets placed (ready),
PickthalAnd goblets set at hand
Arberry and goblets set forth
ShakirAnd drinking-cups ready placed,
Sarwarwell arranged goblets,
KhalifaAnd drinks made available.
Hilali/KhanAnd cups set at hand.
H/K/SaheehAnd cups put in place
Malikwith goblets placed before them;[14]
QXPAnd shiny glasses set at hand.
Maulana Ali And drinking-cups ready placed,
Free MindsAnd cups that are set.
Qaribullah and prepared goblets,

George Saleand goblets placed before them,
JM RodwellAnd goblets ready placed,

Asadand goblets placed ready,

al-Ghashiyah 088:015

88:15 ونمارق مصفوفة

TransliterationWanamariqu masfoofatun
LiteralAnd lined/arranged small pillows/cushions.

Yusuf AliAnd cushions set in rows,
PickthalAnd cushions ranged
Arberry and cushions arrayed
ShakirAnd cushions set in a row,
Sarwarwell-placed cushions,
KhalifaAnd pitchers in rows.
Hilali/KhanAnd cushions set in rows,
H/K/SaheehAnd cushions lined up
Maliksilky cushions ranged in order[15]
QXPAnd cushions set in rows.
Maulana AliAnd cushions set in tows,
Free MindsAnd cushions set in rows.
Qaribullah and arranged cushions

George Saleand cushions laid in order,
JM RodwellAnd cushions laid in order,

Asadand cushions ranged,

al-Ghashiyah 088:016

88:16 وزرابي مبثوثة

TransliterationWazarabiyyu mabthoothatun
LiteralAnd scattered/distributed carpets/rugs.

Yusuf AliAnd rich carpets (all) spread out.
PickthalAnd silken carpets spread.
Arberry and carpets outspread.
ShakirAnd carpets spread out.
Sarwarand well spread carpets.
KhalifaAnd carpets throughout.
Hilali/KhanAnd rich carpets (all) spread out.
H/K/SaheehAnd carpets spread around.
Malikand fine carpets richly spread.[16]
QXPAnd silken carpets spread out.
Maulana AliAnd carpets spread out.
Free MindsAnd rich carpets spread out.
Qaribullah and outspread carpets.

George Saleand carpets ready spread.
JM RodwellAnd carpets spread forth.

Asadand carpets spread out...

al-Ghashiyah 088:017

88:17 افلا ينظرون الى الابل كيف خلقت

TransliterationAfala yanthuroona ila al-ibili kayfa khuliqat
LiteralDo they not look/wonder about to the camels how it was created?

Yusuf AliDo they not look at the Camels, how they are made?-
PickthalWill they not regard the camels, how they are created?
Arberry What, do they not consider how the camel was created,
ShakirWill they not then consider the camels, how they are created?
SarwarHave they not looked at how the camel is created,
KhalifaWhy do they not reflect on the camels and how they are created?
Hilali/KhanDo they not look at the camels, how they are created?
H/K/SaheehThen do they not look at the camels how they are created?
MalikDo they not look at the camels, how they were created?[17]
QXPWill they not, then, look at: the water-laden clouds, how they are made? (15:22).
Maulana AliSee they not the clouds, how they are created?
Free MindsWill they not look at the camels, how are they created?
Qaribullah What, do they not reflect upon how the camel was created?

George SaleDo they not consider the camels, how they are created;
JM RodwellCan they not look up to the clouds, how they are created;

AsadDO, THEN, they [who deny resurrection] never gaze at the clouds pregnant with water, [and observe] how they are created?

al-Ghashiyah 088:018

88:18 والى السماء كيف رفعت

TransliterationWa-ila alssama-i kayfa rufiAAat
LiteralAnd to the sky/space how it was raised?

Yusuf AliAnd at the Sky, how it is raised high?-
PickthalAnd the heaven, how it is raised?
Arberry how heaven was lifted up,
ShakirAnd the heaven, how it is reared aloft,
Sarwarhow the heavens are raised up high,
KhalifaAnd the sky and how it is raised.
Hilali/KhanAnd at the heaven, how it is raised?
H/K/SaheehAnd at the sky how it is raised?
MalikThe heaven, how it was raised high?[18]
QXP- And at the sky, how it is raised high? (Without visible pillars (13:2)).
Maulana AliAnd the heaven, how it is raised high?
Free MindsAnd to the sky, how is it raised?
Qaribullah And how the heaven was raised up,

George Saleand the heaven, how it is raised;
JM RodwellAnd to the heaven how it is upraised;

AsadAnd at the sky, how it is raised aloft?

al-Ghashiyah 088:019

88:19 والى الجبال كيف نصبت

TransliterationWa-ila aljibali kayfa nusibat
LiteralAnd to the mountains how it was erected and raised/affixed?

Yusuf AliAnd at the Mountains, how they are fixed firm?-
PickthalAnd the hills, how they are set up?
Arberry how the mountains were hoisted,
ShakirAnd the mountains, how they are firmly fixed,
Sarwarhow the mountains are set firm,
KhalifaAnd the mountains and how they are constructed.
Hilali/KhanAnd at the mountains, how they are rooted and fixed firm?
H/K/SaheehAnd at the mountains how they are erected?
MalikThe mountains, how they were firmly set?[19]
QXP- And at the mountains, how they are entrenched?
Maulana AliAnd the mountains, how they are fixed?
Free MindsAnd to the mountains, how was it set?
Qaribullah and how the mountains were firmly fixed?

George Saleand the mountains, how they are fixed;
JM RodwellAnd to the mountains how they are rooted;

AsadAnd at the mountains, how firmly they are reared?

al-Ghashiyah 088:020

88:20 والى الارض كيف سطحت

TransliterationWa-ila al-ardi kayfa sutihat
LiteralAnd to the earth/Planet Earth how it was outspread/surfaced ?

Yusuf AliAnd at the Earth, how it is spread out?
PickthalAnd the earth, how it is spread?
Arberry how the earth was outstretched?
ShakirAnd the earth, how it is made a vast expanse?
Sarwarand how the earth is spread out?.
KhalifaAnd the earth and how it is built.
Hilali/KhanAnd at the earth, how it is spread out?
H/K/SaheehAnd at the earth how it is spread out?
MalikAnd the earth, how it is spread out?[20]
QXP- And at the earth, how it is spread out? (That you do not even feel the sphere, nor feel its speedy rotations (31:10), (39:5), (79:28-30)).
Maulana AliAnd the earth, how it is spread out?
Free MindsAnd to the land, how was it flattened?
Qaribullah And how the earth was outstretched?

George Saleand the earth, how it is extended?
JM RodwellAnd to the earth how it is outspread?

AsadAnd at the earth, how it is spread out?

al-Ghashiyah 088:021

88:21 فذكر انما انت مذكر

TransliterationFathakkir innama anta muthakkirun
LiteralSo remind, truly you are a reminder.

Yusuf AliTherefore do thou give admonition, for thou art one to admonish.
PickthalRemind them, for thou art but a remembrancer,
Arberry Then remind them! Thou art only a reminder;
ShakirTherefore do remind, for you are only a reminder.
Sarwar(Muhammad), preach; you are only a preacher.
KhalifaYou shall remind, for your mission is to deliver this reminder.
Hilali/KhanSo remind them (O Muhammad (Peace be upon him)), you are only a one who reminds.
H/K/SaheehSo remind, [O Mu˙ammad]; you are only a reminder.
MalikSo keep on giving admonition, for you are an admonisher[21]
QXP(This is some evidence, O Messenger!) Remind them, for you are one to remind.
Maulana AliSo remind. Thou art only one to remind.
Free MindsSo remind, for you are but a reminder.
Qaribullah Therefore remind, you are only a Reminder.

George SaleWherefore warn thy people; for thou art a warner only:
JM RodwellWarn thou then; for thou art a warner only:

AsadAnd so, [O Prophet,] exhort them; thy task is only to exhort:

al-Ghashiyah 088:022

88:22 لست عليهم بمصيطر

TransliterationLasta AAalayhim bimusaytirin
LiteralYou are not on them with dominating/controlling.

Yusuf AliThou art not one to manage (men's) affairs.
PickthalThou art not at all a warder over them.
Arberry thou art not charged to oversee them.
ShakirYou are not a watcher over them;
SarwarYou do not have full control over them.
KhalifaYou have no power over them.
Hilali/KhanYou are not a dictator over them.
H/K/SaheehYou are not over them a controller.
Maliknot a taskmaster over them.[22]
QXPYou are not a task master over them.
Maulana AliThou art not warder over them --
Free MindsYou have no power over them.
Qaribullah You are not charged to oversee them.

George SaleThou art not impowered to act with authority over them.
JM RodwellThou hast no authority over them:

Asadthou canst not compel them [to believe].

al-Ghashiyah 088:023

88:23 الا من تولى وكفر

TransliterationIlla man tawalla wakafara
LiteralExcept who turned away and disbelieved.

Yusuf AliBut if any turn away and reject Allah,-
PickthalBut whoso is averse and disbelieveth,
Arberry But he who turns his back, and disbelieves,
ShakirBut whoever turns back and disbelieves,
SarwarHowever, those who turn away and disbelieve,.
KhalifaAs for those who turn away and disbelieve.
Hilali/KhanSave the one who turns away and disbelieves
H/K/SaheehHowever, he who turns away and disbelieves
MalikAs for those who turn their backs and disbelieve,[23]
QXPBut whoever turns away and denies the Truth,
Maulana AliBut whoever turns back and disbelieves,
Free MindsExcept for he who turns away and rejects.
Qaribullah As for those who turn their back and disbelieve,

George SaleBut whoever shall turn back, and disbelieve,
JM RodwellBut whoever shall turn back and disbelieve,

AsadHowever, as for him who turns away, being bent on denying the truth,

al-Ghashiyah 088:024

88:24 فيعذبه الله العذاب الاكبر

TransliterationFayuAAaththibuhu Allahu alAAathaba al-akbara
LiteralSo God tortures him the torture, the greatest .

Yusuf AliAllah will punish him with a mighty Punishment,
PickthalAllah will punish him with direst punishment.
Arberry God shall chastise him with the greatest chastisement.
ShakirAllah will chastise him with the greatest chastisement.
SarwarGod will punish them with the greatest torment.
KhalifaGOD will commit them to the great retribution.
Hilali/KhanThen Allah will punish him with the greatest punishment.
H/K/SaheehThen Allah will punish him with the greatest punishment.
MalikAllah will punish them with the mighty punishment.[24]
QXPAllah will requite him with a great requital.
Maulana AliAllah will chastise him with the greatest chastisement.
Free MindsThen God will punish him with the great retribution.
Qaribullah Allah will punish them with the greatest punishment.

George SaleGod shall punish him with the greater punishment of the life to come.
JM RodwellGod shall punish him with the greater punishment.

Asadhim will God cause to suffer the greatest suffering [in the life to come]:

al-Ghashiyah 088:025

88:25 ان الينا ايابهم

TransliterationInna ilayna iyabahum
LiteralThat truly to Us (is) their return.

Yusuf AliFor to Us will be their return;
PickthalLo! unto Us is their return
Arberry Truly, to Us is their return;
ShakirSurely to Us is their turning back,
SarwarTo Us they will all return.
KhalifaTo us is their ultimate destiny.
Hilali/KhanVerily, to Us will be their return;
H/K/SaheehIndeed, to Us is their return.
MalikSurely to Us is their return,[25]
QXPBehold, unto Us is their return.
Maulana AliSurely to Us is their return,
Free MindsIndeed, to Us is their return.
Qaribullah Indeed, to Us they shall return,

George SaleVerily unto us shall they return:
JM RodwellVerily to Us shall they return;

Asadfor behold, unto Us will be their return,

al-Ghashiyah 088:026

88:26 ثم ان علينا حسابهم

TransliterationThumma inna AAalayna hisabahum
LiteralThen that truly on Us (is) their account/calculation.

Yusuf AliThen it will be for Us to call them to account.
PickthalAnd Ours their reckoning.
Arberry then upon Us shall rest their reckoning.
ShakirThen surely upon Us is the taking of their account.
SarwarIn Our hands are their accounts.
KhalifaThen we will call them to account.
Hilali/KhanThen verily, for Us will be their reckoning.
H/K/SaheehThen indeed, upon Us is their account.
Malikthen surely it is for Us to take their account.[26]
QXPThen it is for Us to call them to account.
Maulana AliThen it is for Us to call them to account.
Free MindsThen to Us is their judgment.
Qaribullah then upon Us shall rest their reckoning.

George SaleThen shall it be our part to bring them to account.
JM RodwellThen shall it be Our's to reckon with them.

Asadand verily, It is for Us to call them to account.

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      The Sublime Quran, by Dr. Laleh Bakhtiar

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