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# (111) The Flame (Al-Masadd)

Compared Translations of the meaning of the Quran - Sura 111
al-Masad - The Fame
Total Verses: 5

al-Masad 111:001

111:1 سورة المسد بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم ٛــــ تبت يدا ابي لهب وتب

TransliterationTabbat yada abee lahabin watabba
LiteralFather of the flame of a smokeless fire's (known as Prophet Mohammad's uncle) hand was destroyed/lost, and destroyed/lost.

Yusuf AliPerish the hands of the Father of Flame! Perish he!
PickthalThe power of Abu Lahab will perish, and he will perish.
Arberry Perish the hands of Abu Lahab, and perish he!
ShakirPerdition overtake both hands of Abu Lahab, and he will perish.
SarwarMay the hands of Abu Lahab perish! May he too perish!
KhalifaCondemned are the works of Abee Lahab, and he is condemned.
Hilali/KhanPerish the two hands of Aboo Lahab (an uncle of the Prophet), and perish he!
H/K/SaheehMay the hands of Abu Lahab be ruined, and ruined is he.
MalikPerish the hands of Abu Lahab! And perish he![1]
QXPPerished is the power of Abi Lahab, and perished is he!
Maulana AliAbu Lahabís hands will perish and he will perish.
Free MindsCondemned is the hand of Abu-Lahab; condemned indeed.
Qaribullah Perish the hands of AbiLahab, and perish he!

George SaleThe hands of Abu Laheb shall perish, and he shall perish.
JM RodwellLET the hands of ABU LAHAB perish,and let himself perish!

AsadDOOMED are the hands of him of the glowing countennce: and doomed is he!

al-Masad 111:002

111:2 مااغنى عنه ماله وماكسب

TransliterationMa aghna AAanhu maluhu wama kasaba
LiteralHis property/possession/wealth and what he gained/acquired did not enrich/suffice from him.

Yusuf AliNo profit to him from all his wealth, and all his gains!
PickthalHis wealth and gains will not exempt him.
Arberry His wealth avails him not, neither what he has earned;
ShakirHis wealth and what he earns will not avail him.
SarwarHis property and worldly gains will be of no help to him.
KhalifaHis money and whatever he has accomplished will never help him.
Hilali/KhanHis wealth and his children (etc.) will not benefit him!
H/K/SaheehHis wealth will not avail him or that which he gained.
MalikHis wealth and whatever he earned did not avail him anything.[2]
QXPHis wealth and gains will avail him not! (69:27-28), (92:11), (96:7).
Maulana AliHis wealth and that which he earns will not avail him.
Free MindsHis money will not avail him, nor what he has earned.
Qaribullah His wealth will not suffice him, neither what he has gained;

George SaleHis riches shall not profit him, neither that which he hath gained.
JM RodwellHis wealth and his gains shall avail him not.

AsadWhat will his wealth avail him, and all that he has gained?

al-Masad 111:003

111:3 سيصلى نارا ذات لهب

TransliterationSayasla naran thata lahabin
LiteralHe will roast/suffer/burn (in) a fire that of (a) flame of smokeless fire .

Yusuf AliBurnt soon will he be in a Fire of Blazing Flame!
PickthalHe will be plunged in flaming Fire,
Arberry he shall roast at a flaming fire
ShakirHe shall soon burn in fire that flames,
SarwarHe will suffer in a blazing fire
KhalifaHe has incurred the blazing Hell.
Hilali/KhanHe will be burnt in a Fire of blazing flames!
H/K/SaheehHe will [enter to] burn in a Fire of [blazing] flame
MalikSoon he shall be burnt in a flaming fire (a pun on the meaning of Abu Lahab, "father of flames"),[3]
QXPHe shall have to endure a fire blazing, glowing.
Maulana AliHe will burn in fire giving rise to flames --
Free MindsHe will be sent to a flaming Fire.
Qaribullah he shall roast at a Flaming Fire,

George SaleHe shall go down to be burned into flaming fire;
JM RodwellBurned shall he be at the fiery flame,

Asad[In the life to come] he shall have to endure a fire fiercely glowing;

al-Masad 111:004

111:4 وامراته حمالة الحطب

TransliterationWaimraatuhu hammalata alhatabi
LiteralAnd his woman (wife) the fire wood's/fuel's carrier/lifter .

Yusuf AliHis wife shall carry the (crackling) wood - As fuel!-
PickthalAnd his wife, the wood-carrier,
Arberry and his wife, the carrier of the firewood,
ShakirAnd his wife, the bearer of fuel,
Sarwarand so too will his wife who (threw thorns and firewood in the Prophet's way).
KhalifaAlso his wife, who led the persecution.
Hilali/KhanAnd his wife too, who carries wood (thorns of Sadan which she used to put on the way of the Prophet (Peace be upon him) , or use to slander him) .
H/K/SaheehAnd his wife [as well] the carrier of firewood.
Malikand his wife, the carrier of crackling fire wood,[4]
QXPAnd his wife, that carrier of slanderous tales, the firewood hauler.
Maulana AliAnd his wife -- the bearer of slander;
Free MindsAnd his wife who carries the logs.
Qaribullah and his wife, laden with firewood

George Saleand his wife also, bearing wood,
JM RodwellAnd his wife laden with fire wood,-

Asadtogether with his wife, that carrier of evil tales,

al-Masad 111:005

111:5 في جيدها حبل من مسد

TransliterationFee jeediha hablun min masadin
LiteralIn her neck/beautiful neck (is a) rope from palm fiber tightly woven rope/an iron ring.479

Yusuf AliA twisted rope of palm-leaf fibre round her (own) neck!
PickthalWill have upon her neck a halter of palm-fibre.
Arberry upon her neck a rope of palm-fibre.
ShakirUpon her neck a halter of strongly twisted rope.
SarwarAround her neck will be a rope of palm fibre.
KhalifaShe will be (resurrected) with a rope of thorns around her neck.
Hilali/KhanIn her neck is a twisted rope of Masad (palm fibre).
H/K/SaheehAround her neck is a rope of [twisted] fiber.
Malikshall have a rope of palm-leaf fibre around her neck.[5]
QXPWill have her neck ornamented with a rope of palm-fiber. ((17:13). 'Jeed' = A neck decorated with an ornament).
Maulana AliUpon her neck a halter of twisted rope!
Free MindsOn her neck will be a rope of thorns.
Qaribullah shall have a rope of palmfiber around her neck!

George Salehaving on her neck a cord of twisted fibres of a palm-tree.
JM RodwellOn her neck a rope of palm fibre.

Asad[who bears] around her neck a rope of twisted strands!

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