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The Lord Complete Holy Book (The Quran)

in English Audio Spoken by J.D. Hall

Translated by Malik


Now Playing # (67) Dominion (Al-Mulk)

(30 Verses)
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In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Blessed be He in Whose hands is the Kingdom of the universe and has power over all things.[1] The One Who created death and life, so that He may put you to test, to find out which of you is best in deeds: He is the All-Mighty, the All-Forgiving.[2] The One Who created the seven heavens, one above another, you will not see any flaw in the creation of the Compassionate. Look once again, do you see any flaw?[3] Then look still another time, yet again your sight will come back bewildered, and feel exhausted.[4] We have decorated the heaven of this world with lamps and We made them as missiles for pelting the shaităns and thus prepared for them the scourge of flames.[5] As for those who disbelieve their Rabb, there will be the punishment of hell, which is an evil abode.[6] When they will be plunged into its fire, they shall hear its roaring and boiling[7] as though bursting with rage. Every time a group is plunged therein, its guards will ask: “Did not a Warner come to you?”[8] They will answer: “Yes indeed, a Warner did come to us, but we rejected him and said, Allah has revealed nothing - you are merely in gross error."[9] They will further say: “Had we only listened or used our intelligence, we would have not been among the inmates of the blazing fire."[10] Thus shall they confess their sin; so away from the mercy of Allah will be the dwellers of hell.[11] As for those who fear their Rabb, although they have not seen Him, shall have forgiveness and a great reward.[12] Whether you speak in secret or aloud, surely He is aware of all that is in the breasts.[13] Would He, Who has created them, not know? He is the Knower of finest mysteries, and aware of everything.[14]


Kingdom of the universe belongs to Allah

The lower heaven is decorated with the lamps (stars)

Conversation between the dwellers of hell and its guards

It is He Who has made the earth subservient to you, to walk through its tracts and eat of His provided sustenance. To Him is the return at resurrection.[15] Do you feel secure that He Who is in heaven, will not cause the earth to cave in beneath you and start shaking suddenly?[16] Or do you feel secure that He Who is in heaven will not send against you a violent tornado, then you shall know how was My warning![17] Those who have gone before them likewise disbelieved, then see how terrible was the way I rejected them?[18] Do they not observe the birds above them spreading their wings and folding them? None could hold them except the Compassionate (Allah), surely it is He Who watches over all things.[19] What force is there that can help you besides the Compassionate? In fact, the unbelievers are suffering from delusion.[20] Or who is there that can provide you if He withholds His provision? Yet, they persist in rebellion and aversion from the truth.[21] Just think, who is rightly guided: he who walks with his face bent down, or he who walks properly on an even path?[22] Say: “It is He Who has brought you into being, gave you the faculties of hearing, seeing, feeling and understanding: yet you are seldom thankful."[23] Say: “It is He Who has multiplied you in the earth, and before Him you shall all be assembled."[24] They ask: “When will this promise be fulfilled, if what you say is true?"[25] Tell them: “Allah Alone has the knowledge of that; my mission is only to warn you plainly."[26] But, when they shall see it close at hand, the faces of the disbelievers will turn black with gloom, and it will be said to them: “This is which you were calling for."[27] Further say: “Have you ever considered that even if Allah destroys me as well as those with me or bestows His mercy on us; who will save the disbelievers from a painful punishment?”[28] Say: “He is the Compassionate: in Him we have believed, and in Him we have put our trust. Soon you will find out, which one of us is in the manifest error."[29] Say: “Have you ever considered that if all the water you have, sink down in the ground, who is it, that will bring you the clear-flowing water?”[30]


No one can help you against Allah

No one can provide you sustenance besides Allah

No one can save you from the punishment of Allah

Major Issues, Divine Law and Guidance:

* The Kingdom of the universe belongs to Allah.
* The lower heaven is decorated with lamps (stars).
* The dwellers of hell will wish: "Had we only listened to the call of Islam, we would have not been among the inmates of hell."
* No one can help you against Allah, nor can any one save you from the punishment of Allah.

In this Sürah the basic teachings of Islam are briefly mentioned. In a most effective way, people are made to realize that the universe in which they live is a well organized and fortified Kingdom in which no fault, weakness or flaw can be detected no matter how hard they may try. This Kingdom has been created from nothing and brought into existence by Allah Almighty Himself. All of the powers of controlling, administering and ruling it are also entirely in Allah’s hands . This system is not created without purpose and people have been sent here for a test. In this test they can succeed only by their righteous deeds and conduct. Then the dreadful consequences of disbelief which will appear in the Hereafter, are mentioned. The people are told that Allah, by sending His Prophets, has forewarned them of these consequences.

Emphasis is made on the fact that the Creator is aware of each open and hidden secret of men, even the innermost ideas of their hearts. The right basis of morality is that man should avoid evil and fear the accountability by his Rabb. Those who adopt such conduct will deserve forgiveness and a rich reward in the Hereafter. Reference is made to those common truths of daily occurrence to which man does not pay much attention. He is told that the earth on which he moves about with full satisfaction and peace of mind, and from which he obtains his sustenance, is subdued for him by Allah. This earth might at any time start shaking suddenly so as to cause his destruction, or a typhoon might occur, which may annihilate him completely. Look at the birds that fly in the air: it is Allah Who is sustaining them in the air. Then man is reminded: "Look at your own means and resources. If Allah wills to inflict you with a scourge, none can save you from it; and if Allah wills to close the doors of sustenance on you, none can open them for you. These things are there to make you aware of the truth, but you see them like animals, which are unable to draw conclusions from observations, and you do not use your sight, hearing and minds which Allah has bestowed on you as men. You have to ultimately appear before your Rabb. It is not for the Prophet to tell you the exact time and date of that event. His only duty is to warn you beforehand of its inevitable occurrence."

Finally a response is given to what the disbelievers of Makkah said against the Prophet (pbuh) and his Companions. They cursed the Prophet and prayed for his and the believers' destruction. To this it has been said: “Whether those who call you to the right way are destroyed, or shown mercy by Allah, how will their fate change your destiny? You should look after yourselves and consider who would save you if you were overtaken by the scourge of Allah? You regard those who believe in Allah and put their trust in Him as the misguided. A time will come when it will become evident as to who was really misguided."

In conclusion, the people are asked this question and left to ponder over it, “if the water which has come out from the earth at some place in the desert or hill country of Arabia and upon which depends your whole life's activity, should sink and vanish underground, who, besides Allah, can restore this life giving water to you?”

No Chapter (Surah) Listen
1 The Opening (Al-Fatiha) listen
2 The Cow (Al-Baqrah) listen
3 The Family of Imran (Aal-Imran) listen
4 The Women (An-Nisah) listen
5 The Table (Al-Maeda) listen
6 The Cattle (Al-An'aam) listen
7 The Heights (Al-A'raf) listen
8 The Spoils of War (Al-Anfal) listen
9 The Repentance(At-Tawba) listen
10 Jonah (Yunus) listen
11 The Prophet Hud (Hud) listen
12 Joseph (Yusuf) listen
13 The Thunder (Al-Ra'd) listen
14 Abraham (Imbrahim) listen
15 The Rocky Tract(Al-Hijr) listen
16 The Bees (An-Nahl) listen
17 The Night Journey (Al-Isra) listen
18 The Cave (Al-Kahf) listen
19 Mary (Maryam) listen
20 Ta-Ha (Ta-Ha) listen
21 The Prophets (Al-Anbiya) listen
22 The Pilgrimage (Al-Hajj) listen
23 The Believers (Al-Muminun) listen
24 The Light (An-Nour) listen
25 The Criterion (Al-Furqan) listen
26 The Poets (Ash-Shu'ara) listen
27 The Ants (An-Naml) listen
28 The Narration (Al-Qasas) listen
29 The Spider (Al-Ankaboot) listen
30 The Romans (Al-Rum) listen
31 Luqman (Luqman) listen
32 The Prostration (As-Sajda) listen
33 The Confederates (Al-Ahzab) listen
34 Sheba (Saba) listen
35 The Originator of Creation (Fatir) listen
36 Ya-Seen (Ya Seen) listen
37 The Rangers (As-Saffat) listen
38 The Letter Sad (Sad) listen
39 The Groups (Az-Zumar) listen
40 The Forgiver (Ghafir) listen
41 Explained in Detail (Fussilat) listen
42 The Consultation (Ash-Shura) listen
43 Ornaments of Gold (Az-Zukruf) listen
44 The Smoke (Ad-Dukhan) listen
45 The Kneeling (Al-Jathiya) listen
46 The Curved Sand hills (Al-Ahqaf) listen
47 Muhammad listen
48 The Victory (Al-Fath) listen
49 The Dwellings (Al-Hujurat) listen
50 The Letter Qaf (Qaf) listen
51 The Winds that Scatter (Az-Zariyat) listen
52 The Mount (At-Tur) listen
53 The Star (An-Najm) listen
54 The Moon (Al-Qamar) listen
55 The Most Beneficent (Ar-Rahman) listen
56 The Event (Al-Waqi'a) listen
57 The Iron (Al-Hadid) listen
58 She That Dispute (Al-Mujidala) listen
59 The Gathering (Al-Hashr) listen
60 The Examined One (Al-Mumtahina) listen
61 The Row (As-Saff) listen
62 Friday (Al-Jumu'ah) listen
63 The Hypocrites (Al-Munafiqoon) listen
64 Loss and Gain (At-Taghabun) listen
65 The Divorce (At-Talaq) listen
66 Prohibition (At-Tahreem) listen
67 Dominion (Al-Mulk) listen
68 The Pen (Al-Qalam) listen
69 The Reality (Al-Haaqqa) listen
70 The Ways of Ascent (Al-Ma'arij) listen
71 Noah (Nuh) listen
72 The Jinn (Al-Jinn) listen
73 The Enshrouded One (Al-Muzzammil) listen
74 The Cloaked One (Al-Muddathir) listen
75 The-Resurrection (Al-Qiyamah) listen
76 Man (Al-Insan) listen
77 Those Sent Forth (Al-Mursalat) listen
78 The News (An-Naba) listen
79 Those Who Pull Out (An-Naziat) listen
80 He frowned (Abasa) listen
81 The Folding Up (At-Takwir) listen
82 The Cleaving (Al-Infitar) listen
83 Those Who Deal in Fraud (Al-Mutaffifin) listen
84 The Splitting Asunder (Al-Inshiqaq) listen
85 The Mansions of the Stars (Al-Burooj) listen
86 The Night Comer (At-Tariq) listen
87 The Most High (Al-A'la) listen
88 The Overwhelming (Al-Ghashiya) listen
89 The Dawn (Al-Fajr) listen
90 The City (Al-Balad) listen
91 The Sun (Ash-Shams) listen
92 The Night (Al-Layl) listen
93 The Morning Hours (Ad-Dhuha) listen
94 Relief  (Al-Inshirah) listen
95 The Figs (At-Teen) listen
96 The Clot (Al-Alaq) listen
97 The Night of Decree (Al-Qadr) listen
98 The Clear Proof (Al-Bayyina) listen
99 The Earthquake (Az-Zalzala) listen
100 The Courser (Al-Adiyat) listen
101 The Calamity (Al-Qariah) listen
102 Rivalry in world increase (At-Takathur) listen
103 The Declining Day (Al-Asr) listen
104 The Slanderer (Al-Humaza) listen
105 The Elephant (Al-Feel) listen
106 Quraish ( Quraish) listen
107 Small Kindnesses (Al-Maun) listen
108 Abundance (Al-Kawthar) listen
109 The Disbelievers (Al-Kafiroon) listen
110 Divine- Support (An-Nasr) listen
111 The Flame (Al-Masadd) listen
112 Sincerity (Al-Ikhlas) listen
113 The Daybreak (Al-Falaq) listen
114 The Mankind (An-Nas) listen


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The Lord Complete Audio English Quran in MP3 Spoken by J.D. Hall

Translated by Malik

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Now Playing # (67) Dominion (Al-Mulk) (30 Verses)