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The Lord Complete Holy Book (The Quran)

in English Audio Spoken by J.D. Hall

Translated by Malik


Now Playing # (58) She That Dispute (Al-Mujidala)

(22 Verses)
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In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Allah has indeed heard the words of the woman (Khawlah daughter of Tha‘labah, who had been divorced by calling her: ‘‘You are to me like my mother" which was an acceptable practice for divorce among pagan Arabs), who pleaded with you against her husband and made her complaint to Allah, and Allah has heard what you said to each other. Allah hears all and sees all.[1] Those of you who divorce their wives by Zihăr (calling them to be like their mothers) should know that they are not their mothers. Their mothers are only those who gave birth to them. Surely the words they utter are absurd and false. Allah could punish them for this but He forgave them, surely Allah is All-Pardoning, All-Forgiving.[2] Those who divorce their wives by Zihăr, then wish to retract the words they uttered, shall have to free a slave before they touch each other. This is enjoined as a penalty for doing so. Allah is well-aware of all your actions.[3] He that has no slave, shall fast two consecutive months before they touch each other. He that cannot fast, shall feed sixty poor people. This is enjoined so that you may have faith in Allah and His Rasool. These are the limits set by Allah, and the violators shall have a painful punishment.[4] Those who resist Allah and His Rasool, shall be humiliated as were those before them. We have sent down clear revelations; the disbelievers shall have a humiliating punishment.[5] On the Day of Judgment Allah will raise them all back to life, then inform them about what they have done. Allah has kept full record of their deeds even though they may have forgotten, for Allah is a witness over all things.[6]


The pagan practice of divorce through Zihăr (calling his wife as his mother) is prohibited

Penalty for practicing 'Zihăr'

Are you not aware that Allah knows all that is in the heavens and in the earth? It cannot be that three persons converse in secret and He is not the fourth of them; or five persons converse in secret and He is not the sixth of them; whether fewer or more, wherever they may be, He is with them. Then on the Day of Resurrection He will inform them of what they have done, surely Allah has knowledge of all things.[7] Have you not seen those who, though forbidden to hold secret counsels, persistently do what was forbidden? They hold secret counsels among themselves for sin, hostility and disobedience to the Rasool. Yet when they come to you, they greet you in words which Allah does not greet you with, and say to themselves: “Why does Allah not punish us for what we say?” Hell is enough for them, they shall burn in its flames, what an evil destination![8] O believers! When you confer together in private, do not talk about sin and hostility and disobedience to the Rasool; but to counsel about virtue and piety, and fear Allah, before whom you shall be brought together.[9] Conspiring in secret is the work of shaităn, who means to vex the believers; but he cannot harm them at all except as Allah permits; so in Allah let the believers put their trust.[10] O believers! When you are asked to make room in your meetings, make room, Allah will make room for you in the Hereafter. And if you are told to rise up, then rise up: Allah will raise to higher ranks those of you who have faith and knowledge. Allah is aware of all your actions.[11] O believers! When you want to consult the Rasool in private, offer something in charity before your consultation, that is best and purest for you. But if you lack the means, know that Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.[12] Do you hesitate to give out in charity before your private consultation with him? If you cannot afford it - Allah will forgive you - so establish Salah and pay Zakah, and obey Allah and His Rasool. Allah is well aware of all your actions.[13]


Allah is Omnipresent, if three persons converse in secret, He is the fourth

Secret counsels are forbidden except about virtue and piety

Conspiring in secret is the work of Shaităn

Etiquettes of holding a meeting

The order to spend in charity before consulting the Rasool in private

Have you not seen the ones who have befriended those people who are under the wrath of Allah? They are neither on your side nor yet on theirs and they knowingly swear to falsehood.[14] Allah has prepared for them a severe punishment; evil indeed is what they are doing.[15] They use their oaths as shields, and debar others from the Way of Allah. They shall have a humiliating punishment.[16] Neither their riches nor their sons shall avail them anything against Allah. They shall be the inmates of hell and live there forever.[17] On the Day when Allah will raise them all to life, they will swear to Him as they now swear to you, thinking that their oaths will help them. By no means! Surely they are the liars.[18] Shaităn has gained possession of them, and caused them to forget Allah’s warning. They are the party of shaităn. Beware! Surely it is the party of shaităn that shall be the loser.[19] Those who resist Allah and His Rasool will be among the most humiliated.[20] Allah has decreed: “It is I and My Rasools who will most certainly prevail." Surely Allah is All-Powerful, All-Mighty.[21] You will never find any people who believe in Allah and the last Day on friendly terms with those who oppose Allah and His Rasool, even though they be their fathers, their sons, their brothers or their relatives. It is they in whose hearts Allah has inscribed faith and has strengthened them with a spirit of His own. He will admit them to gardens beneath which rivers flow, to live therein forever. Allah will be well pleased with them, and they will be well pleased with Him. They are the party of Allah. Beware! Surely it is the party of Allah that will be successful.[22]


People who befriend those who are under the wrath of Allah will be severely punished

True believers do not befriend those who oppose Allah and His Rasool

Major Issues, Divine Law and Guidance:

* The pagan practice of divorce through Zihăr (calling one's wife as one's mother) is prohibited.
* The penalty for practicing ‘Zihăr.’
* Allah is Omnipresent, if three persons converse in secret, he is the fourth of them.
* Secret counsels are forbidden except when they are for virtue and piety.
* Conspiring in secret is the work of Shaităn.
* Etiquettes of holding a meeting.
* Order to spend in charity before consulting the Rasool in private.
* Those who befriend those who are under the wrath of Allah will be severely punished.
* True believers do not befriend those who oppose Allah and His Rasool.

In this Sürah, instructions have been given to the Muslims about the different problems that confronted them at that time. From the beginning of the Sürah to verse 6, legal injunctions about Zihăr are given. The Muslims are strictly warned that they should not persist in the practices of ignorance after they have accepted Islam.

In vv. 7-10 the hypocrites are taken to task for their secret consultations by which they conspired against the Prophet (pbuh) and, because of their hidden malice and grudge, they used to greet him, like the Jews, in a manner as to wish him ill instead of well. In this connection the Muslims are consoled: “These secret consultations of the hypocrites can do no harm to you; therefore, you should go on doing your duty with full trust in Allah.” Besides, they are also taught: "The true believers, when they talk secretly together, do not talk of sin and transgression and disobedience to the Messenger. If they have to talk secretly together they should talk of goodness and piety.”

In vv. 11-13 the Muslims are taught manners of social behavior and given instructions to eradicate social evils which were prevalent among the people then as they are today. In the case of people sitting in an assembly, when more people arrive, they do not even show the courtesy to squeeze together to make room for others, as a result the newcomers have to keep standing, sit in the doorway, to leave or seeing that there is still not enough room start jumping over the peoples' heads to find room for themselves. This often used to be experienced in the Prophet’s assemblies. Therefore, Allah gave the instruction: "Do not behave selfishly and narrow-mindedly in your assemblies. Accommodate the newcomers also with an open heart.”

From verse 14 to the end of the Sürah, members of the Muslim society - which was a mixture of the sincere Muslims, the hypocrites and the waverers - have been told plainly as to what is the criterion of sincerity in Islam:

* Some so called Muslims are those who befriend the enemies of Islam: they do not hesitate for the sake of their interests to be treacherous to the reli- gion which they profess to believe in; they partake in spreading all sorts of doubts and suspicions against Islam and prevent the people from adopting the Way of Allah. But since they are part of the Muslim community their false profession of Faith serves them as a cover and shield.

* Other kinds of Muslims are those who, in the matter of Allah’s Religion, do not care even for their own father, brother, children and family, to say nothing of others. They do not cherish any feeling of love for the person who is an enemy of Allah, His Rasool and His Religion.

In these verses, Allah explicitly states that the people of the first kind, in fact, belong to Satan’s party however hard they may try to convince others of their Islam by swearing oaths. The honor of belonging to Allah’s party is possessed only by the Muslims of the second kind. They alone are the true Muslims, they alone will attain to true success and with them alone is Allah well pleased.

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56 The Event (Al-Waqi'a) listen
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58 She That Dispute (Al-Mujidala) listen
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70 The Ways of Ascent (Al-Ma'arij) listen
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78 The News (An-Naba) listen
79 Those Who Pull Out (An-Naziat) listen
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81 The Folding Up (At-Takwir) listen
82 The Cleaving (Al-Infitar) listen
83 Those Who Deal in Fraud (Al-Mutaffifin) listen
84 The Splitting Asunder (Al-Inshiqaq) listen
85 The Mansions of the Stars (Al-Burooj) listen
86 The Night Comer (At-Tariq) listen
87 The Most High (Al-A'la) listen
88 The Overwhelming (Al-Ghashiya) listen
89 The Dawn (Al-Fajr) listen
90 The City (Al-Balad) listen
91 The Sun (Ash-Shams) listen
92 The Night (Al-Layl) listen
93 The Morning Hours (Ad-Dhuha) listen
94 Relief  (Al-Inshirah) listen
95 The Figs (At-Teen) listen
96 The Clot (Al-Alaq) listen
97 The Night of Decree (Al-Qadr) listen
98 The Clear Proof (Al-Bayyina) listen
99 The Earthquake (Az-Zalzala) listen
100 The Courser (Al-Adiyat) listen
101 The Calamity (Al-Qariah) listen
102 Rivalry in world increase (At-Takathur) listen
103 The Declining Day (Al-Asr) listen
104 The Slanderer (Al-Humaza) listen
105 The Elephant (Al-Feel) listen
106 Quraish ( Quraish) listen
107 Small Kindnesses (Al-Maun) listen
108 Abundance (Al-Kawthar) listen
109 The Disbelievers (Al-Kafiroon) listen
110 Divine- Support (An-Nasr) listen
111 The Flame (Al-Masadd) listen
112 Sincerity (Al-Ikhlas) listen
113 The Daybreak (Al-Falaq) listen
114 The Mankind (An-Nas) listen


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Now Playing # (58) She That Dispute (Al-Mujidala) (22 Verses)