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The Lord Complete Holy Book (The Quran)

in English Audio Spoken by J.D. Hall

Translated by Malik


Now Playing # (56) The Event (Al-Waqi'a)

(96 Verses)
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In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

When the inevitable event will come to pass[1] - no one will be able to deny its coming to pass[2] - then some shall be abased and some exalted.[3] The earth shall be shaken with severe shaking[4] and the mountains shall be made to crumble with awful crumbling[5] and become like scattered dust.[6] Then you shall be divided into three groups:[7] those on the right hand - how blessed shall be the people of the right hand;[8] those on the left hand - how damned shall be the people of the left hand;[9] and foremost shall be the foremost.[10] They will be nearest to Allah,[11] in the gardens of bliss.[12] Most of them will be from the former[13] and a few from the later generations.[14] They shall have the jewelled couches,[15] reclining on them facing each other,[16] and there shall wait on them the eternal youths[17] with goblets, shining beakers and cups of pure wine,[18] - which will neither pain their heads nor take away their senses.[19] They shall have fruits of their own choice[20] and flesh of fowls that they may desire,[21] and dark eyed Hüris (damsels),[22] as lovely as well guarded pearls[23] as a reward for their good deeds that they had done.[24] There they shall not hear any vain talk nor sinful words,[25] but only the greetings of “Peace be upon you! Peace be upon you!”[26]


Scene of Doomsday when mankind will be divided into three groups:

A. Reward for the foremost group

Those of the right hand - happy shall be those on the right hand![27] They shall be among the thornless lote trees,[28] clusters of bananas,[29] extended thick shades,[30] constantly flowing water,[31] abundant fruits[32] of unforbidden never ending supply,[33] and will be reclining on high raised couches.[34] We shall create their wives of special creation[35] and make them virgins[36] beloved by nature, equal in age,[37] for those of the right hand.[38]


B. Reward for the right-hand group

Many of them will be from the former[39] and many from the later generations.[40] As for those of the left hand - how unfortunate will be the people of the left hand![41] They will be in the midst of scorching winds and in boiling water:[42] in the shade of a pitch-black smoke,[43] neither cool nor refreshing.[44] For they lived in comfort before meeting this fate.[45] They persisted in heinous sins[46] and used to say: “When we are dead and turned to dust and bones, shall we then be raised to life again?[47] And our forefathers, too?”[48] Tell them: “Surely those of old and those of present age[49] shall certainly be brought together on an appointed time of a known Day.[50] Then, “O the mistaken rejecters,[51] you shall eat of the Zaqqum tree,[52] and fill your bellies with it;[53] and drink on top of it scalding water;[54] yet you shall drink it like a thirsty camel."[55] Such will be their entertainment on the Day of Reckoning.[56]


C. Punishment for the left-hand group

We have created you: will you not then testify about Our power of creation?[57] Have you ever considered the semen you discharge:[58] Is it you who create the child from it, or are We the Creator?[59] It is We Who have ordained death among you and We are not helpless[60] in replacing you by others like yourselves or transforming you into beings that you do not know.[61] You already know well your first creation, why then do you not take heed?[62] Have you ever considered the seed that you sow in the ground?[63] Is it you who cause it to grow or are We the grower?[64] If it be Our Will, We could crumble your harvest into chaff, and you would then be left lamenting:[65] “We are indeed left laden with debts,[66] indeed we have been deprived from the fruits of our labor!”[67] Have you ever considered the water which you drink?[68] Is it you who send it down from the clouds or are We the sender?[69] If it be Our Will, We could turn it salty. Why then do you not give thanks?[70] Have you ever considered the fire that you kindle?[71] Is it you who grow the tree which feeds the fire or are We the grower?[72] We have made it a reminder for man as to what would be the life without it, and a provision of life for the travellers of desert.[73] So glorify the name of your Rabb, Who is the Greatest.[74]


Admonition to the disbelievers with the examples of creation.

I swear by the setting of the stars,[75] and it is indeed a mighty oath if you but knew it,[76] that this is indeed a Glorious Qur’an,[77] inscribed in a well-guarded Book,[78] which none can touch except the purified (angels):[79] a revelation from the Rabb of the worlds.[80] Would you scorn a scripture such as this[81] and make it’s denying a means of your livelihood?[82] Why is it not then that when you see a dying person’s soul come up to his throat[83] while you are helplessly watching[84] - and at that time We are nearer to him than you, although you cannot see Us.[85] Then why do you not - if you claim you are not subject to reckoning[86] - restore to the dying person his soul? Answer this, if what you say be true![87] Then if the dying person is one of those near to Us,[88] for him there is comfort and bounty, and a garden of bliss.[89] And if he be one of the right hand,[90] he is greeted with salutation: “Peace be upon you,” from those of the right hand.[91] And if he is one of the mistaken rejecters,[92] he is welcomed with scalding water,[93] and burning in hellfire.[94] Surely this is an absolute truth.[95] Therefore, glorify the name of your Rabb, Who is the Greatest.[96]


Testimony of Allah about the Qur'an

Major Issues, Divine Law and Guidance:

* Scene of the Doomsday when:
- Some will be abased and some exalted
- The earth will be shaken up
- The mountains will be crumbled to scattered dust
- Mankind will be divided into three groups: the foremost in rank and position, the common righteous people and the disbelievers.
* Admonition to the disbelievers with the examples of creation.
* The testimony of Allah about the Qur’an.

The theme of this Sürah is the hereafter, Tawhïd and refutation of the disbelievers’ suspicions about the Qur’an. In regards to Tawhïd and the hereafter convincing arguments are given and man’s attention is drawn to his own body, the food that he eats, the water that he drinks and the fire on which he cooks his food. He is invited to ponder the question, "What right do you have to behave independently or serve any other deity than God (Allah), Whose creative power has brought you into being and Whose provisions sustain you. How can you entertain the idea that after having once brought you into existence He has become so helpless and powerless that He cannot recreate you once again?"

In conclusion, man is warned that he may shut his eyes to the truth in his arrogance, but death is enough to open his eyes. At death he becomes helpless: he cannot save his own parents; he cannot save his own children; he cannot save his religious guides and beloved leaders. They all die in front of his very eyes while he looks on helplessly. If there is no supreme power ruling over him, and his assumption is correct that he is all in all in the world, and there is no God (Allah), then why can't he restore to the dying person his soul? Just as he is helpless in this, so it is also beyond his power to stop Allah from calling the people to account and granting them rewards or punishment. He may or may not believe it, but every dying person will surely see his own end after death.

No Chapter (Surah) Listen
1 The Opening (Al-Fatiha) listen
2 The Cow (Al-Baqrah) listen
3 The Family of Imran (Aal-Imran) listen
4 The Women (An-Nisah) listen
5 The Table (Al-Maeda) listen
6 The Cattle (Al-An'aam) listen
7 The Heights (Al-A'raf) listen
8 The Spoils of War (Al-Anfal) listen
9 The Repentance(At-Tawba) listen
10 Jonah (Yunus) listen
11 The Prophet Hud (Hud) listen
12 Joseph (Yusuf) listen
13 The Thunder (Al-Ra'd) listen
14 Abraham (Imbrahim) listen
15 The Rocky Tract(Al-Hijr) listen
16 The Bees (An-Nahl) listen
17 The Night Journey (Al-Isra) listen
18 The Cave (Al-Kahf) listen
19 Mary (Maryam) listen
20 Ta-Ha (Ta-Ha) listen
21 The Prophets (Al-Anbiya) listen
22 The Pilgrimage (Al-Hajj) listen
23 The Believers (Al-Muminun) listen
24 The Light (An-Nour) listen
25 The Criterion (Al-Furqan) listen
26 The Poets (Ash-Shu'ara) listen
27 The Ants (An-Naml) listen
28 The Narration (Al-Qasas) listen
29 The Spider (Al-Ankaboot) listen
30 The Romans (Al-Rum) listen
31 Luqman (Luqman) listen
32 The Prostration (As-Sajda) listen
33 The Confederates (Al-Ahzab) listen
34 Sheba (Saba) listen
35 The Originator of Creation (Fatir) listen
36 Ya-Seen (Ya Seen) listen
37 The Rangers (As-Saffat) listen
38 The Letter Sad (Sad) listen
39 The Groups (Az-Zumar) listen
40 The Forgiver (Ghafir) listen
41 Explained in Detail (Fussilat) listen
42 The Consultation (Ash-Shura) listen
43 Ornaments of Gold (Az-Zukruf) listen
44 The Smoke (Ad-Dukhan) listen
45 The Kneeling (Al-Jathiya) listen
46 The Curved Sand hills (Al-Ahqaf) listen
47 Muhammad listen
48 The Victory (Al-Fath) listen
49 The Dwellings (Al-Hujurat) listen
50 The Letter Qaf (Qaf) listen
51 The Winds that Scatter (Az-Zariyat) listen
52 The Mount (At-Tur) listen
53 The Star (An-Najm) listen
54 The Moon (Al-Qamar) listen
55 The Most Beneficent (Ar-Rahman) listen
56 The Event (Al-Waqi'a) listen
57 The Iron (Al-Hadid) listen
58 She That Dispute (Al-Mujidala) listen
59 The Gathering (Al-Hashr) listen
60 The Examined One (Al-Mumtahina) listen
61 The Row (As-Saff) listen
62 Friday (Al-Jumu'ah) listen
63 The Hypocrites (Al-Munafiqoon) listen
64 Loss and Gain (At-Taghabun) listen
65 The Divorce (At-Talaq) listen
66 Prohibition (At-Tahreem) listen
67 Dominion (Al-Mulk) listen
68 The Pen (Al-Qalam) listen
69 The Reality (Al-Haaqqa) listen
70 The Ways of Ascent (Al-Ma'arij) listen
71 Noah (Nuh) listen
72 The Jinn (Al-Jinn) listen
73 The Enshrouded One (Al-Muzzammil) listen
74 The Cloaked One (Al-Muddathir) listen
75 The-Resurrection (Al-Qiyamah) listen
76 Man (Al-Insan) listen
77 Those Sent Forth (Al-Mursalat) listen
78 The News (An-Naba) listen
79 Those Who Pull Out (An-Naziat) listen
80 He frowned (Abasa) listen
81 The Folding Up (At-Takwir) listen
82 The Cleaving (Al-Infitar) listen
83 Those Who Deal in Fraud (Al-Mutaffifin) listen
84 The Splitting Asunder (Al-Inshiqaq) listen
85 The Mansions of the Stars (Al-Burooj) listen
86 The Night Comer (At-Tariq) listen
87 The Most High (Al-A'la) listen
88 The Overwhelming (Al-Ghashiya) listen
89 The Dawn (Al-Fajr) listen
90 The City (Al-Balad) listen
91 The Sun (Ash-Shams) listen
92 The Night (Al-Layl) listen
93 The Morning Hours (Ad-Dhuha) listen
94 Relief  (Al-Inshirah) listen
95 The Figs (At-Teen) listen
96 The Clot (Al-Alaq) listen
97 The Night of Decree (Al-Qadr) listen
98 The Clear Proof (Al-Bayyina) listen
99 The Earthquake (Az-Zalzala) listen
100 The Courser (Al-Adiyat) listen
101 The Calamity (Al-Qariah) listen
102 Rivalry in world increase (At-Takathur) listen
103 The Declining Day (Al-Asr) listen
104 The Slanderer (Al-Humaza) listen
105 The Elephant (Al-Feel) listen
106 Quraish ( Quraish) listen
107 Small Kindnesses (Al-Maun) listen
108 Abundance (Al-Kawthar) listen
109 The Disbelievers (Al-Kafiroon) listen
110 Divine- Support (An-Nasr) listen
111 The Flame (Al-Masadd) listen
112 Sincerity (Al-Ikhlas) listen
113 The Daybreak (Al-Falaq) listen
114 The Mankind (An-Nas) listen


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The Lord Complete Audio English Quran in MP3 Spoken by J.D. Hall

Translated by Malik

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Now Playing # (56) The Event (Al-Waqi'a) (96 Verses)